My Home Best Trait; Burak

Ah, remembered about mom, I also could not get away the meals she often made for us.

Burak Duku’ Manuk (Steamed of banana’s stem with organic chicken)

I’m craving this meal the most. This is special dish from Toraja, which basic ingredient is the core part of banana’s stem. It goes well with organic chicken from my dad’s farm. LOL. Even though most of people from Toraja (especially who live there) know how to make it, I haven’t met one who could make it the way my mom did. Since the stem of Banana is succulent, it needs a kind of skill to steam the mixture of watery minced stem of banana and the firm meat of organic chicken in order to get the best serving of this meal. To get the best of it, to my preference, the water content that comes from the banana’s stem is supposed to be dried out and the chicken is not mushy, but soft. When I think again about it, it’s quite difficult chore, so that’s why to serve its best, I think someone must have skill and some sense of art in cooking.


*picture taken from here, it also provides the recipe*

When I turned back to the times when I watched my mom prepared this dish, I thought it also needed patience in making it; start from figuring out the best stem, then peeling out the stem’s layers one by one until we found the edible part. Furthermore, the edible stem was supposed to be long enough to feed our whole house member since the raw ingredient usually shrunk into a half of it after the process, so my mom usually had at least a meter long.

The next step might be easier, but there, the patience was needed more than at the earlier stage. I could not be any help to my mom in this step since all she needed to do was slicing the 1 meter long stem as thin as she could and it seemed to me that the slices was thinner than a cotton fabric. Finished slicing the stem, the next patience test was softly squeezing it, and she sprinkled salt before continuing the process. The end of this chore was the finer texture and when we already drain away the water content

After finishing such a complex preparation, my mom’s basic ingredient was ready to cook and she usually used a frying fan instead of filling it in bamboo’s tube, which is commonly used in steaming this dish. She put all the ingredients, included the small pieces of chicken. We usually added the whole basic ingredients, except the grated coconut since I didn’t like it on my Burak.

There, we came to the last step when patience was still needed, so was the skill, and also what I called my mom’s sense of art in cooking. How I couldn’t say so, when I hoped for the best serving as I mention before, A serving of dried Burak with soft chicken, not mushy. That was kind of Burak that I’ve been longing for so long, but I couldn’t get it, so I posted this post instead. *I still have a long list of my mom’s recipe though*.

So, could you imagine how Torajan (my mom) turned a one meter banana’s stem into something delicious?

Can you handle such a meal?

pa%27+piong+duku+manuk*picture taken from here*


6 thoughts on “My Home Best Trait; Burak

    1. Makasih, karna manis itu aku, hehehehehe. Gak sih, cenderung gurih. Iyah ini makanan khas Toraja, memang tidak banyak yang tau kecuali perah tinggal sama orang Toraja atau pernah ke sana. 😀 Enak ini. Kalo masaknya pas, kalo gak, aku juga gak suka.:)

    2. Hahahahaha, berarti benar-benar khas gitu ya dan ga sembarang orang juga bisa masak
      Okay Yun kalau ada kesempatan nemu ini makanan bakal tak coba 🙂

    3. Iyah khas bingit, 🙂 kalo kata emak aku dulu gampang2 susah, tapi sejauh ini tante2 aku kebanyakan masaknya jadi kebanyakan air yang masih tersisa, jadi aneh. Ehm, semoga pun nemu yang enak. 🙂
      Senang deh, semangat baca artikel ini. 🙂 Thanks.

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