My Blue-scaping; Pulau Beras Basah

Suddenly the need of the blue runs through my blood’s stream, and speaking of blue, it reminds me about beach, and here I am, on my desk, remembering one of my blue-scaping close to Sangatta, where my family live. It’s called Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island) which lies at Makassar Strait, about 60 km at the southern part of Sangatta. It’s such a peculiar name, isn’t it? My sister told me that the name was derived from how this small artificial island did look like a wet pile of rice for being surrounded by the sea (strait actually). There is also a legend about how this tiny island was formed, but I don’t feel like talking about it right now. 😀

Beras BasahI went to Pulau Basah at end of 2014 with almost all of my family member and my friends. After spending about an hour driving, we arrived at the port where we had to meet the person who rented his boat to us. The port was not a luxury one, actually that was the same port that’s used for unloading the fish.

Beras Basah1For someone who has been working in mining area, which safety becomes our first concern in every plan we make, riding such a boat made me a little bit nervous, even though as a child, I used to sort of boat. But, thanks to all of my companions that had so much story to tell that somehow could wash away the worrisome inside of me, and later I enjoyed riding it like I used to be.

About 30 minutes later, we arrived at much smaller port. Even though the sight around us was really beautiful, and I thanked God for such inexpensive beauty, I was quite upset for the fact that we took a wrong time in visiting Pulau Beras Basah because it was Sunday, when there were many people had quite similar thought with us, spending the week end there. So it caused the tiny island crowd. We scarcely found a space to lay down our mat. But we gave more effort for finding it, and there we got it, on the center of the island.

Beras Basah3After securing our mat position, then we walked around the island while feeling the touch of the fine granule of the sands with our feet, and then, in minutes, no more wasting time, we rushed to the shore and played. I am actually not a type that would like playing in the water, unless I’m forced to do it, or the game is quite interesting. I’d rather sit comfortably on the sand while watching the others playing or simply enjoy the sight around me, for whatever the sight is. But that time, my sister and my friends forced me to play with them, so I played along. Besides that, I couldn’t resist the temptation of water when the weather was really hot at the time, even the sands, deliberately were felt like just the burnt out charcoal.

Beras Basah4Beras Basah2The enjoyment of playing in the water lasted more than what we planned before. We stopped when the dusk about to come, and then headed back home.

Beras Basah5That overall trip was memorable because that was my first trip with almost all of my family member and my close friends. Besides that, the view around the island was so beautiful, the sky which was painted by the bright blue at that time indeed soothed the eyes and the heart.

Beras Basah6I’m so grateful for being born in a country that has so many beautiful places to go and it’s just steps away from our home. I think I will remember the trip for a long time. I was so content with that blue-scaping.Beras Basah7


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