Those Little Things in Osaka

In this life, sometimes, we don’t put much attention to the existence of few (what we thought as little) things, like these things in Osaka, which actually were not little that I’d never noticed its presence until my second visit at last autumn, 2014. It seemed to me that all sparkling and colorful neon signs that spread all over the city or the beautiful places that I’ve been in distracted me from seeing in. I saw few of which when bowing. At some points, these were simply attractive.

This cute squirrel was first seen by Dadiet, at first I wondered how on earth this squirrel came out of nowhere and standing cutely close to drainage in the middle of Osaka city because I usually saw it was hoping amongst the trees. And the second thought that came when we knew it was sculpture; I wondered why on earth it was sculpted there. Ah, it might just want to make the passersby wondered, like we did.

SquirrelOn our way to Osaka Castle, we were surprise by seeing something that related to our country like this Gamelan Music studio. It was unusual sight. Or let’s say that was our first time seeing a Gamelan studio abroad.

GamelanThis one was attractive because it was so bizarre. Do we really need toilet paper this much? 😀 😀 😀 This made my eyes bugged out and I was smile quirkily when seeing it. abroad.

Toilet paperI found this on our way along the narrow path of Janjan Yokocho Alley, it might not an attractive one, but thought was spinning in my mind while seeing the drawing, whether the artist felt like what I saw on the wall; four sad expressions. I didn’t hope so.Sadness

I collected Pocky’s Halloween edition only because what it had on the back side of the box. 😀Hallowen

Almost at the end of my trip, I realized that each prefecture in Japan or even each district in Osaka has its own icon, and mostly it’s cute.Hogoromo

A common notification or advertisement type in entire Japan, but I found this one was funny though, which was attached on train’s wall to Osaka International Airport.Train

What attracted me the most was various pattern of Osaka’s manhole cover, it was unique and some of which were simply lovely like the Osaka Castle pattern and goddess or princess pattern.Manhole cover

I love seeing momiji leaves, and I love seeing its various colors more. Who’s with me *raise hand*Momiji

That’s all for this time.


My little step in Osaka. 😀

How about you, did you see something interesting while abroad? Especially that tiny thing.

30 thoughts on “Those Little Things in Osaka

    1. Awchh, makasih Mba Fe, kalo mba yang bilang aku jadi terharu dan tambah bahagia. 🙂 *view from the expert* Iyah, akhir-akhir ini suka terperhatikan yang kecil2 imut dan lucu gitu.

    1. Keren, gw pertama ke Jepang paling suka Osaka malah, walau berikutnya ganti jadi Kyoto sih, *labil* tapi tetep suka OSaka. Makanannya apalagi. 😀

    1. Akhir-akhir ini yang kecil2 begini sering terperhatikan. Yes, sama. Momiji ❤ dan patung tupai itu emang menarik Ndien. 😀

    1. Eksis banget neng nong, sampai rasanya mau nyanyi lagu Malaysia. 😀 😀 oh yah? aku Yuna. hanya saja lupa ada lukisan anjing, coba bisa ditunjukkan. *sambil lihat2 poto lagi*. ❤

    2. Awch dia lupa, si cantik ini tidak pake wasup lagi, imessages neng nong or telegram. ❤
      Semangat berburu-buru visa dll.

  1. gak kepikiran buat ngeliat yg tiny2x ya. udh kepincut sm yg gede2x dan langsung keliatan di mata. hahaha … palingan waktu ke UK dl aku perhatiin tiap berapa meter ada tong sampah. dan terkesan dg cara pemerintah sana menerapkan kebersihan lingkungan. tp yg aku lihat masih di beberapa lokasi aja sih. di lokasi lain mungkin beda.

    seru jg ya jepang 🙂

    1. Iyah, apalagi kalo daftar objek yang besar sudah panjang di tangan. 😀
      Ah, UK, my lifetime dream destination mba. Sudah pernah share ceritanya mba? aku belom check post-nya semua.
      Seru, pengen ngerasain 4 musim di Jepang, kalo duit banyak mah bolak-balik juga mau. 🙂

    2. belom yun’. belom sempet cerita. itu thn 2007. kayaknya udh banyak yg lupa. hahaha … dulu gak gila2x banget sm blogging. iya ya, gak usah jauh2x ngerasain 4 musim. jepang – korea jg bisa ya 😀 … mari menabung ! hahaha

    3. Wow, 2007, udah lama malang melintang berarti mba. Keren.Tapi kalo bisa jauh sujud syukur juga sih mba. 😀 Mari menabung, pengen sih ke Kor Sel juga. *banyak maunya, penunjang terbatas*. 😀
      btw mba, sepertinya kalo aku ke Jakarta mungkin bosa bersua. nampak menyenangkan. 🙂

    1. You should. Some of those are really lovely. I’ve seen it somewhere, someone’s posted the other Japan’s manholes, and it were beautiful. 🙂

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