Please Kindly and Clearly Tell Me Your…Price?

This post is something that I’ve been thinking for 5 days before I decided to post it here because it’s quite sensitive topic, I don’t know if something like this will bother you or not, but it does bother me.

I got a chance to write for a specialist city travel guide website about few months ago, with contract term, not permanent. I got paid for how many guide I made. Since it was new to me, I enjoyed working on it. I finished it. Then, the problem arose when I about got my payment, not from the one that I had worked with, but from my friend who lent me his account to receive an international payment. I don’t have a credit card, so I couldn’t verify mine to be able to receive any payment. I just had three options that time; make my own credit card, which meant need more time and I wasn’t sure whether I’d get one. The second choice was looking for a rental account, which meant if the worst thing would come, I would deal with fraud and in the end, I would get nothing, and last brazenly asked for someone’s reliable account and then gratefully treat s/he something good.

So, I thoughtfully considered my three options. First I browsed the entire possible rental account in Indonesia, asked anyone who’d been using it so many times, but in the end, I didn’t choose it because I still didn’t believe in the system. The price wasn’t that much, which made me question it more, so I decided to ask my friend’s account (unashamedly). Fortunately this friend agreed and kindly offered his account. I was happy and grateful to his kindness, when I first initiated asking his account I already had thing in my mind that I would treat him something good, exactly not gave some cash because I don’t put price tag on act of kindness. It’s priceless, un-returnable. But it would be different if he clearly said it was a business.

Fast-forward, we made the deal, then he joked about wanting more than 10% of my payment when I got one (what I thought was a joke). Then I said, “Really? Do you want it? It costs me more than 10% of my payment? If you turn this into a business, let’s count it, 5% is all can offer to you because the real rental cost is much lower than that. I’ll give you more because I don’t feel right to pay you less, besides that, your account is more trust-able than the rental one.” I added. He said, “No Yuna, it was a joke, it’s okay. What do you take me for?” Then I replied, “Okay, I’ll treat you something good, whatever you want to eat.” Settled.

Fast-forward, the payment finally had arrived, when we checked on his account he exchanged the currency rate to rupiah, then said (while smiling) that he still wanted 10% from the payment. I was surprised, I thought his smile said it was a joke, but his whole expression said no, it was confusing, whether he wanted it or didn’t. Then I bravely once again said, “Honestly, if this turns into business like our first conversation, I can’t give you 10%, that too much from my point of view, you get few times more than the rental one, I can give you 5%. It’s not much not less for a business. Finally he said, “Relax, you can do it later.” And there I was thought the word still floating in the air. I decided to give it bit more than 5%. I don’t like to be in debt though.

Done with the deal, but not my thoughts. Honestly, it left me shock even now. I question my own sincerity and my character, whether I was sincere all of this time or not. I became someone bad by counting all the things that I’d done to him. First, I thought by offering money while asking his help would offend him since I felt the same if I was in that condition, so I thought treats him something fancy would be much better because we both love trying various foods nearby. I thought we were colleague.

Second, I thought I wasn’t in un-reciprocal relationship (yes, I know I wasn’t completely sincere back than), shall I re-count how many times this guy asked the same thing to me with my bank account? Even on fussy thing like sending her sisters money, his mom, his someone’s, transfer here, transfer there, transfer vouchers, and others. Few times. No transfer fee, no additional fee, no treat. No. Just excluded that small sum of money compared to the relationship we had. I’d never asked one, I’d never thought once. Even in the future (if I have to do it again). But, I was really surprise and speechless with what he just did to me. Even now, I’ve never thought of asking sum cash for lending service to my friend. I just can’t do it. My human relationship doesn’t work that way. No. It cost him nothing anyway by lending me the account. I know none of us was right since I gave his payment with these thoughts (in the end he said that he deserved it since I did pretty well on my payment) and wrote it here, and I also feel that it wasn’t right for him to vaguely do business.forever-in-debt0004

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Argh, please tell me honestly what do you think about this or me? Have you encountered something like this?


24 thoughts on “Please Kindly and Clearly Tell Me Your…Price?

  1. It happened to me several times. You just don’t mix business with friendship, ever. It may ruin the relationship in the long run. Thats a grey area, especially if your friend is in need of money.
    From this experience you can see your friend’s true character. So don’t repeat the same mistake. As they say ‘ fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.’ 😀

    1. Yes, I’ve learnt my lesson. “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. Nice saying. I’ll remember that. Thank you for saying. 🙂

  2. I can understand that you are disappointed.
    Even though I don’t expect anything in return when I do something for a friend (or acquaintance) it really irks me when I don’t even get a “thank you” or the other way round they then expect me to compensate them when I need a little favor.
    As you talked to him before the transaction and he said it was a joke, I would have thought the same and planned to treat him to something to eat but not give him money. If he wanted money he should have said so right away.

  3. as much as possible I will not let anyone knows my money. it’s personal. too personal, instead. as we may aware, money has always been a very sensitive issue. it creates problems and breaks many things. since it’s already happened, is it possible for you to make a new account as your friend has ?! take this experience as a lesson and … look at the bright side, you finally know what kind of a friend he is 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m fully aware about that issue, mba. I needed fast that time. Yes, it is possible. I’m in progress making mine. 🙂
      But still left me speechless. 😐

  4. I agree this person is not much of a friend. When I help my friends I don’t expect anything in return. I help them because they are my friends and they need my help. I know they would do the same for me if the situation was reversed. If I’m making a business arrangement, I make it clear up front that’s the case so there are no misunderstandings later.

    Looks like your friend got greedy when he saw the money come in. As another commentator pointed out, at least you know what kind of friend he is. 😦

    1. Yes, actually we don’t share a deep-friendship, we usually only give one another help. but, he loves to ask something in return, but this one is shocking me the most. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Indeed, that’s what I needed, clearly said everything from the first time. yes, I’m fully know what kind of person he is. 😥

    1. Jadi intinya Ndien, gw pinjem account rentalan itu untuk numpang lewat transfer pembayaran dari luar, kalo ada tax, gw yang tanggung. Nanti setelah di convert ke rupiah si pemilik rentalan ini kirim ke rekening rupiah gw. rental account PayPal Ndien. dahsyat kan sampai account itu ada yg rentalin.:D

    1. Hahahhaa, tetep temenan, teman sekerja soalnya. Kalo kita bilang, okay, cukup tau.:D. Cuma karena uang kecil bukan jadi gak ditemanin. 😀 aku bahkan pernah di tipu jauuuuuh lebih besar sama temen dekat di kerjaan lain, tetapi tetap aku main ke rumahnya. 🙂 No, I won’t be that shallow.

  5. Hi Yuna. I guess this can be seen from differing standpoints..
    [fast forward].. One thing is sure, though:
    “The two of you don’t know each other that well” 🙂

    But then again, I’m pretty sure this happens to just everybody, in one way or another. Happy writing (and surely: Congrats!)

    1. Don’t be sad, the sooner you see a person’s true self, the better. So, it might be a blessing in disguise. Cheers! ☺

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