Breakfast/Brunch at Warung Taru, Bandung

Yeah, it’s weekend.

Speaking of weekend, there is a place that likes crossing my mind on each weekend, Warung Taru in Bandung. Warung Taru is one of my favorite places for having breakfast or brunch when I’m in the city, especially on the weekends.

Warung Taru 1It has special feeling on the weekends for I love spending time there with my friends who are mostly free on those times of week. I love everything while I’m at Warung Taru; I love the wooden dominated furnitures and ornaments, I love the view, I love its tasteful foods, and I also love the affordable price.

WarungTAruI’ve tried various menus at Warung Taru, from the beverage, main menu, and dessert. All of them are tasteful. However, I have few favorite dishes. For beverage, Warung Taru’s ultimate drink is Kopi Susu Aroma, but that’s too sweet for me, so I usually order a cup of hot black coffee or just sugarless tea. I think those are the most compatible drinks for the mild air of Dago.

KopiSusuAromaWhile waiting for our menu to be served, my friends and I usually order tempe mendoan (deep fried battered tempe). A portion which is consisted of few slices of savory tempe mendoan, comes with spicy sweet soy sauce. A nice portion for accompanying our conversation. 🙂

MendoanFor the main menu, I usually have nasi uduk (steam rice) with fried chicken. Its small portion is proper for a brunch, even after having one or two slices of mendoan. 😀

Nasi UdukAnd last, for the dessert, I love having something which is not too sweet, just slightly, but quite refreshing to close the whole brunch. I always go for a jackfruit flavor ice pop. My perfect way to end the breakfast or brunch. ❤

One more thing, we usually find that Warung Taru is full with the bicycle enthusiasts on the weekends. Rumor has it that the owner of this place is one of them, so that’s why, there is a corner like this at Warung Taru. What a lovely mess. ❤That corner


4 thoughts on “Breakfast/Brunch at Warung Taru, Bandung

    1. Bukan kelihatannya aja koq mba, rasanya juga enak. 😀 kapan2 bisa koq melipir dari Jakarta ke Bandung. 😀 😀 Ah, nasi uduk, iya, nasi uduknya juga enak. aduh, jadi kebayang. laper.

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