My First Random Memories of Tokyo

I’ve been following someone’s blog for these past few months, a photographer who takes me anywhere around the globe with his random lovely photographs. He updates daily. I love seeing so many random things he has been posted, no specific themes, just random things that make his posts are interesting to see. However what I love the most is his photographs about random things in Japan, one of my dream countries, which at the same time it makes me sad for keeping me recalling my flash trips to few cities in Japan. I hardly move on from the last trip that I took about a year ago. It has been a long time, but I still play with my memories about it. Since I can’t go back and forth to Japan as I like for few reasons, let me drowning in my memories about Japan, and I choose Tokyo this time. Oh ya, he has posted some photographs from his trip to Indonesia too, it’s all wonderful.

Okay, start from when my friends and I first landed at Haneda Airport, Tokyo. We landed at midnight and for the sake of saving money, we were spending the night at airport and planning on catching up the first train to downtown Tokyo on the next morning. However, the things weren’t as simple as our plan; the railways map wasn’t as easy as what we thought. We were lost in translating the map for few minutes, we missed the first train, and we pushed back to few trains after the first one for learning the map. We thought that moment was a little bit funny because 3 of 4 participants were the earth science graduates, when making a map or reading a map was our daily staple, but reading the Tokyo’s railways map was something else. That was so funny. You can even see the confused faces here (sorry guys, I exclude my confused face here), and that state were continued until the end of the day. 😀

Taken from here
Taken from here

TokyoAh, we were also struggled in buying the card, entering the gate, finding our platforms, or deciding when to stop. We had so many struggles at the first time.

Tokyo2Then, what was amazed me the most; the reading habit. I can’t call myself a bookworm, I just enjoy reading, but I was really amazed by how popular reading in Tokyo, and entire country in general. There were still so many people reading everywhere. I was envious for the atmosphere. They were reading while waiting the train, while riding train, and in the lines, anywhere possible. That was cool (I’m planning on posting it in a separate post).

Read read readBesides reading, another thing that I found fascinating was the queues. I respected the way they were queuing up. They brought the queue to another level; queuing in front of the places which had not opened yet.

LineNext was the masker. I asked my friend who has lived in Tokyo for more than 15 years about people of Japan and the fondness of using masker anywhere. She said that there were few reasons for me finding people using it anywhere, one of which was they might get cold, so they needed covers for preventing spreading the virus to the people next to them, and vice versa, in case the person next to them got cold. The other reasons were complicated to explain here.

The other thing was overloaded cuteness. I saw cute things everywhere and mostly as advertisement and signage. Even though it was overloaded, I’d never felt enough of it. More cuteness please, it’s not a sin to be that cute anyway. 😀 ❤


I’d never known before that got cold could be this cute.

ColdAnd then, about sushi experience. My first sushi experience was satisfying, especially about the freshness, the taste, and hospitality of the sushi’s bar owner, except the taste of salmon roe. I still remember how hard I swallowed the roe.

I still have no idea, what these people were doing with the gadgets. I saw it few times around Akihabara.Akihabara

Takeshita Dori in Harajuku was really awesome. It’s undoubtedly unique and cool. But, I have a little bit different opinion for the infamous Hachiko Statue in Shibuya despite how amazing was the Shibuya crossing near the statue.Shibuya Crossing

And, I had never known before that Tokyo Station was this lovely. ❤

Tokyo StationOne could be so happy just by seeing this giant gundam (I’m talking about you guys). 😀

GundamI took my first and (I think) last photo in purikura. I had no idea why people liked it, since I did it because of Liz. I enjoyed it though. 😀

PurikuraInstead of sakura, we found this fruit and flower more in spring (yes, we were too late for cherry blossomed).Fruit

SpringDon’t question me about service; they were really awesome in service. I loved it. And, Have you ever heard about how amazing the washlet in Japan? Because I had never known or read about it until I arrived in Japan. How ignorance I was.

ProchedureI first fell in love for rice cracker at Nakamishe Dori, a street which its lines were full with souvenir and food shops. I loved the salty one. However, the city was filled with delicious foods.

Nakamise DoriThe last (for today); from all of things that we had already planned, why it had to be Tokyo Tower that we missed hitting? Why? 😥  So here the Tokyo Sky Tree instead.

Tokyo Sky TreeThat’s all about my first trip to Tokyo, how about you? Have you been following a blog or two or three that keeps you moving from something? Mind letting me know?

From Tokyo with love.Love


5 thoughts on “My First Random Memories of Tokyo

    1. Indeed wonderful memories even though it just for few days. 😀
      By the way, do you aware that, you were the one that I mentioned at the first paragraph.

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