Craving Some Foods

I’m not a big fan of any coconut milk base dishes, but nowadays, there are three dishes that I’m craving for; Lontong Orari in Banjarmasin, Lontong Sayur Uda Pero in Bandung, and Ketupat Kandangan in Satui. Those are all my fatty craving.

Lontong Orari Banjarmasin

Pressed rice cake served with jackfruit in coconut milk.

Lontong Orari BJMI found about the popularity of Lontong Orari in Banjarmasin about three weeks ago, when I was getting my one day off. Its popularity has been spread all over social media long before I know it (what a missed). Lontong Orari maybe not much different from its kinds of dish in entire Indonesia, but what makes it special is the side dishes, haruan masak habang (fried snakehead murrel with spicy red sauce), which is one of Banjar specialty. At my first trying, I was surprise by the very generous portion which I thought was the only advantage of Lontong Orari, but after the first bait, I was delighted by the delicate rice cake, delicious fish, and savory thick coconut milk. I had to thank the old lady at the kitchen who brought their ancient’s way of washing away the smell of snakehead murrel and disguise its original form with that tastiful spicy red sauce.

Fun fact about Lontong Orari, it has fed the citizen of Banjarmasin since 1982 and it uses about 2 kilograms red chilies pepper every day (just for making the sauce). WOW. *jaw dropping*

Lontong Sayur Uda Pero

Pressed rice cake in coconut milk served with jackfruit sometimes fern.  Padang delicacy.

Uda PeroI’ve mention about this dish once, and yes, I have never got enough of it. Travelling to Bandung would not be complete without having Lontong Sayur Uda Pero as breakfast, even it’s just once. One of my most favorite meals for breakfast since I was a student in Bandung; savory coconut milk broth, delicate rice cake, generous portion, and cheap (kind of combination which is hard to resist). It even goes well with simple complement like a hard-boiled egg. Ah, I almost forget to mention the red hot cassava crisps. All are tasteful. ❤

Ketupat Kandangan Satui

Pressed rice cake in coconut milk, best served with grilled snakhead murrel. Kandangan, South Borneo specialty.

Ketupat KandanganPrecisely located at Satui Traditional Market which actually lies about 6 kilometers from where I stay. However, it’s quite hard to have this ketupat as daily menu because it opens really early in the morning (about 4 a.m like what the owner said to me before) and most likely sold out even before I get ready every morning. Besides that, to go to Satui Market is not as easy as it might seem, despite of its position.

I’ve tried Ketupat Kandangan twice, and the one at Satui Market was my second attempt. I had a bad experience at my first attempt, especially for the side dish; grilled snakehead murrel. It had unpleasant taste of bad grilled and over-used of spices which made it was quite bitter. After that first experience, I couldn’t have another Ketupat Kandangan for about two years until my local friend shared on his social media platform that there was his favorite Ketupat Kandangan nearby, so I collected my last energy and nerve for trying the thing that he said as the best in town. After having a serving of it, thanked God, the whole things were satisfying, even though my second attempt was decorated with a little drama. 😀 (call me drama queen for that).

Fact about Ketupat Kandangan; despite of its succulent type, people of Banjar don’t use spoon while eating this food, they are eating it bare hands. However, I didn’t.

Note: Thank to people of Banjar that really are skillful in making the snakehead murral less resembles the snake.

Ah, by writing this, enough for making me craving more. ❤ 🙂 ❤

So, do you have something you crave for today, but can have it?


Feel free to drop your thought...Thank you \^o^/

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