About Bon Jovi Concert in Jakarta

And I…

Will love you,



A line from extremely famous song of Bon Jovi. I was ten when I first heard that song from my older sister’s radio. I didn’t recognize the other words from the whole song, but “love you” and “always”. I just started learning about numbers in English back then (hey, it has been about 20 years and I’m stuck at this level. Kekekekeke), so I didn’t get the whole meaning of the song, however that was the first time, I was introduced to Uncles Bon Jovi’s song, and I liked it. I liked the voice of the vocalist and also how they played “Always”, compared to the other musicians like Scorpions and Metallica, whose posters were attached on the wall of my brother’s room, the sound of the music from his small player kind of too heavy for my ears (except ‘Still Loving You’ and ‘Wind of Change’ by Scorpions). Since then, I’ve continued listening to the other sweet melody of Bon Jovi.

Let’s make this faster

And then, 8 years later, when I entered collage and internet was easier to be accessed, I started searching about the other songs and also the music videos. Umm, I was captivated by the live performance of the uncles. So, that time, another bond was made, I promised to myself that I had to watch, at least once, this band live performance and yes, I had to watch it with my sister who introduced me to the uncles and made those scrapbooks about uncles when we were so much younger, when newspaper and magazine were our only sources of information. Yes, she made it (wonder where it all is gone now).


An then, 20 years later, there we were, on this date, exactly a month ago, sitting among the other 40,000 fans, waiting one of our lifetime dreams to be fulfilled. We were at Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta since the sun was about to set at the west, waiting in the line to enter the stadium with a mix feeling of worry as much as joy. Worried that our tickets were one of those fake tickets (even though I exactly knew that I bought it from the official partner, like them who were rejected, one sad fact about the concert).

I didn’t know about the others, but I was standing there, not expected the live performance like what I’d watched from youtube channel when the uncles, like us, so much younger. No, I didn’t even wish for Uncle Jon to sing “Born to be my baby’, my most favorite song, as powerful and enjoyable as in the video clip that I’d watched almost every day. No. I just wanted to know how it did feel to see my most favorite song was play live, of course by my favorite band. As simple as that. I knew they would not be as powerful, as energetic, or as outstanding as when all of those famous songs were first sung. No I didn’t wish for those.

One and half hour was the duration of the uncle’s performance with 20 song (wow, great number). Honestly, they were not as how they used to be, however those hours was one of the best time in my whole life, so far, even though I couldn’t enjoy the performance of uncle Jon’s best partner, Richie Sambora (yes, something was missing and different without him). However, the feeling that I had that night was similar to the feeling that I had when I first entered Japan, one of my dream countries. That kind of joy, even though I couldn’t sing along the four opening songs that they played.

tumblr_inline_nuj5y5RSJ41rt1g9c_540If I remember again about the concert that night, I still have this smile of fulfillment on my face, even though they played ‘Someday I’ll be Saturday Night’ acoustically or while the voice of 40,000 fans were louder than uncle Jon’s in Bed Medicine, as loud as in ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ and also ‘In These Arms’, to the point that made me thinking that I was there, having karaoke time with Bon Jovi. I wouldn’t mind. Later, I realized that I have to be grateful that they didn’t play “Always” and ‘Bed of Roses’, two extremely famous songs of them, even though I already memorized all of the lyric that night, simply just because I didn’t want to see Jon Bon Jovi directed his microphone to the fans more than he sang that song, despite of the rumor that they were charged more for “Always” to be played live because of the difficulty and high pitch of the song. The rumor is going around.

Oh yeah, after that night, I’ve grown my admiration to Uncle Tico Torres. He might play the drum lesser powerful, but to my surprise, he was still sooooo good. Those beats and those spirits for about one and half hours were unstoppable and invincible (hat off!!), I even couldn’t rise my both hands for 1.5 hours because of tiredness of screaming and admiring, even though I was much younger than him (Yuna, he’s professional drummer). I like him more now. ❤

Whatever, at the end, even until now, all I feel is excitement in fulfilling one of my long longing. Especially when I was so satisfied with ‘Living on A Prayer’ as the closing song, even though the uncles didn’t want to play more, when we really (really really) wanted them playing at least one more song, we were screaming for more and not making any moves more than five minutes after the closing song (why uncles why?). So it’s time to accomplish my other list.

The only thing that bothered me so much was the opening band, did that guy, Sam Tsui really needed to sing about 30 minutes long before I got to see the performance of Bon Jovi? I didn’t think he needed that much. Why didn’t he just sing two songs? That was enough.

Note: Some people might say that you should have stopped doing the tour, whatever, thank you for coming back to Indonesia after 20 years. One of my lifetime’s dreams has been fulfilled. I really really really enjoyed that night. I think I won’t watch yours other live performance, unless the acoustic version is played. 😀

tumblr_inline_nuj5ozMFQx1rt1g9c_540Both pictures were taken from here (I didn’t have time to take your picture since I was so busy enjoying the concert).

And I…

Will love you,




19 thoughts on “About Bon Jovi Concert in Jakarta

    1. Ayo Ndien, aku penasaran konser yang pernah kamu tonton, pasti beda atmosfernya dengan ini. Seru, once in a lifetime, satu2nya konser yang pernah gw tonton. 😀 ❤

    1. Seru mba, ini aku pertama kalinya juga nonton, kayanya yang terakhir juga deh. 😀
      Iyah kami mau gak mau beli tiket PP dari kalimantan, di bela-belain karena si om. Kapan lagi mumpung mereka masih bisa tur.<3 Syukurnya mampir ke Jakarta, klo gak mesti USA, wuih gak sanggup. 😀

  1. Slippery When Wet was my favourite album when I was in high school, I loved Bon Jovi but have never seen them live. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and memories 🙂

    1. You’re welcome. 🙂
      They played few songs from that album, I think you would be enjoying the live performance if you were there.:D Nice to know that someone could feel what I feel from this post. 🙂

  2. It was marvellous Yun!! Dan aku menemukan dong kalau ternyata kita sdh merencanakannya dari 2 thn lalu!!! Can you imagine?? We have bon jovi’s blood actually inside us..
    Looking forward to have another concert with you and Yuspin, 🙂

    1. Indeed kak, iyah, yang kita kena hoax itu, sudah nyebarin di mana-mana di medsos, ternyata hoak. T_T
      yeaaah, ooom!! aku padamu ❤
      Tapi kalo iyah besok kami paksa bapak sekuriri untuk masuk ke ruang dekat VIP, harus lebih lincah. 😀

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