How Can I Forget You, Sydney?

No woman should have a memory. Memory in a woman is the beginning of dowdiness, said Lord Illingworth.

–Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde-

I was a little bit annoyed while reading that line in Wilde’s book, but now, I think I gradually become dull.

So Sydney, in order to stop thinking about you and I become really really out-of-date because of these-so-yesterday-Sydney-stories, let’s accomplish everything here! In one post.

So, here we are on my fifth day in Sydney. That was my most lazy time while in Sydney. After bidding our (temporary) goodbye, I didn’t feel like strolling anywhere around the city. I think I was too tired from our last 4 days together when we were moved briskly from one place to another. Since I didn’t have any plan, I just followed Ibam’s instruction, to wait for him finishing his working hours. I waited him inside Macquaries Shopping Mall, somewhere at the northern part of Sydney Central Business District, after moving all of my things to Ibam’s flat. Yes, I also moved my body. I used my fear of being alone in hostel room as an excuse for lessening the embarrassment of staying at his flat. To be honest, saving money was our issue too (Sydney was so expensive for Indonesian commoner like me). 😀 😀

Speaking of my lazy fifth day, I suddenly think that may be one of various ways of being astonished, satisfied, an fulfilled is expect less. May be.

I say that because on that day, although I didn’t have any plan and just followed what I’d been told, I found few surprising things. My most favorite thing was, knowing that besides the globally well known Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney city had few more admirable bridges, such as ANZAC and Pyrmont Bridge (this is definitely based on my personal preference).

20121014_101144Pyrmont Bridge was the one from a day before in Darling Harbour, now it’s special for pedestrian.

IMG_0810Meanwhile, I saw ANZAC Bridge on our way home from Ibam’s office.

20121015_165814Another interesting thing was buying 3 discounted printed books from Dymocks that I accidentally saw in Macquaries Shopping Mall and also few original and premium souvenirs of Australia. I have to give bold for original because all I bought from the day before was anything from Paddy’s Market. I have always had pleasure in buying a printed book wherever I go, so could you imagine how happy I was when I got the books which prices were less than two third price if I bought it in Indonesia, even if I had to prepare extra effort for carrying 4 books (1 additional book from Ibam’s partner) through my not-so-short-trip-back-to-Sangatta (phew). 😀

More interesting things were tasting breads from Bourke Street Bakery, later I found that it’s one of the best bakeries in town. Yeah. Another appreciation went to Ibam for bringing me there. 😀 I loved the atmosphere of the bakery and it surroundings. It was really nice to taste it while enjoying the refreshing summer breeze of Sydney city.

DSCN7496I want to save the last interesting thing for my last day, otherwise I would have nothing there. 😀

The sixth day was my last one day full in Sydney before I left the lovely (and expensive) city for good. I went to Hyde Park and Taronga Zoo. I was captivated by Hyde Park and what it surrounds could offer. There were so many activities that could be done at and around Hyde Park. Museum, shopping, landmark, and few other historic places. Name the activities that the tourist in general would love to do, you’ll find there, most of which are free (my most favorite thing) 😀 .

DSCN7598I even met my most favorite spot there, ANZAC War memorial. I loved just everything about it.

DSCN7518As for Taronga Zoo, in spite of it’s quite pricey entrance fee (once again for me), I still went there for the sake of seeing few kinds of Kangaroo, Platypus, Wallaby, Tazmanian Devil, and of course Koalas. Those were all of Australia’s endemic animals which couldn’t be found anywhere in the city, but in the outback or zoo. So, I had to go there, even though I was sort of a coward for avoiding closer encounter with the Kangaroos. 😦

20121016_142329Finish with Taronga Zoo, Ibam’s picked me up and we directly headed back to Hyde Park because fortunately, there was Crave International Food Festival that time. Without explaining much, that was all about food. The festival is held each October every year.

20121016_185608It was less than 6 hours when I took my last stroll before I left the country. I woke up really early on the morning just to have one last Harry’s boy’s handsome smile walk. I took (almost) straight route from Surry Hills to Woolloomooloo Bay via Bourke Street in order to re-enjoy the distinctive feature of the houses and few historic buildings along the street. I liked each house’s unique veranda. I wanted to take each house picture, but afraid that it might something wrong to do, so I just enjoyed it.

DSCN7745The other reasons for taking the last walk were to breath more the clean and fresh air around the bay and also to have one last bite of savory and most popular pie in Sydney, Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. I loved mushroom and bacon pies. It was really delicate.

DSCN7847Feeling fulfilling, I went back to flat, and then headed to airport to catch my flight at 11 a.m.

In eleven words, my whole Sydney trip was pleasing and full of surprising things.

img_0069Let’s end it all here, Sydney, until I meet you again (because I’m yearning for you). ❤


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