Hi December

I just want to greet this last month of the year and share few updates. 😀 simply because the animated snow has appeared on my blog. Has autumn come to an end in the Northern Hemisphere?


this picture was taken in spring 2013 though

If it’s true, I would be upset because I haven’t updated anything about my one and only autumn experience last year. 😐IMG_1639IMG_1720IMG_0334AutumnEhm, few updates; I’m alive. I’m healthy, I’m an unemployed, my contract just ended, I left South Kalimantan about two weeks ago, and I’m waiting for a new start right after new year.

IMG_2238And I’m ready for Christmas, even though it has become of the hardest seasons for me.

So, Hi December!

It’s so nice to be able to enter December again and again. ❤

And another award for Little Orange World has just been offered, I’ll post about it later. Thank you Michael. I appreciate it. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Hi December

  1. Hi! I love the first photo. Priceless!!

    As for the end of contract, (i don’t want to call it unemployment) because I believe that you are just given a break. With your capability and hardwork, I’m sure you will soon find a new employment home. For now, enjoy the little break. 🙂 Promise, everything will be better and greater for you soon!

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