Blogger Recognition Award

BloggerRecognitionAwardYeah, another chained award just sparked orange notification board on the upper right of my blog’s corner. When I saw “award”, I already thought of describing few things either about my blog or me and then searching few other bloggers that I wanted to share the award with.

I’ve never turned any awards down, even though the award didn’t sound like an award such as “The Noisy Girl” or “The Singer” that I received when my high school’s friends and I were playing award. So, I won’t turn down this Blogger Recognition Award either.

First, thanks to a travel lover and passionate photographer, Michael of Michael Philip Atkins for nominating me. I’ve been following his blog for about 5 months and I’ve since enjoyed his daily photograph posts, especially about Japan and Indonesia, and sometimes his posts did inspire my own post.

Second, like the other awards, there are few rules to follow by accepting the nomination, and for Blogger Recognition Award, besides sharing it with 15 other bloggers, I need to share how I started my own blog and give some advice for new fellow bloggers ( I don’t think I’m capable for the last one).

I started Little Orange World about three years ago, as simple as sharing my random thoughts or random interesting things and by doing that, I hoped, I found interesting things and thoughts from the other bloggers. And sure, I’ve found so many interesting things. That’s why I spend more time in blogosphere more than the other online postal almost every day. 😀

I have no idea about giving any advice for the new blogger since I still need one, but if I have to tell something for the other fellow bloggers, especially for people that I’ve been following is to keep on writing or posting because it often brightens my day.

And last, this is my list for the other 15 bloggers that I really want to share the award with.

Mba Emmy of Crossing Borders

Bob & Natasha of TravelBBoNanza

Kimmy of Kimmy’s Travel Blog

Yoo Ri


A French Guys




Mba Evy

Sabrina Mathilde


Smiling Notes

Wulan, The Journey of A Little Penguin

Gitar Plastik

Please open this link to learn more about Blogger Recognition Award.

Note: The nominees can decline this award if they don’t feel like being part of it. And I’ll appreciate whatever the feedback is. Enjoy! 🙂 ❤



24 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Again.., thank you so much for nominating me.., however like I said earlier, it’s still so hard to find the time for blogging again..*typical new mom’s whining..*😉👶🏼😃
    So, congrats to you👍🏼

    1. You are welcome mba. It’s okay mba, I want to appreciate our ‘new friendship’. 🙂 by offering the nominee to you mba. kekekeke, mom’s whining. 😀

    1. Makasih kak cumilebay.
      Miapah site humble gw didatengin blogger sekeren kak cumilebay? Aku sering baca blognya saat buka blog yang satu. 😀
      Makasih udh lewat dan komentar. 😀 ❤

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