An Update

Welcome to my very first post in 2016 (yeaaahh). I have plenty of stories to tell, but a little time for writing and editing pictures, so I feel like sharing my mundane life updates.

First I’m back to my late job. Despite of all the troubles that I faced before, those peers that I prefer not meeting anymore, here I am, back again to the place I used to be. I set my face straight and let my ears deaf from all of bad things from now and onward. I have so many things that I have to achieve before this new contract is ended. I better focus on it.

IMG_1785Second, South Borneo has entered the intense rainy season since two weeks ago, that means our engineering and production teams have faced the main problem of mining industry. It doesn’t mean that we don’t aware about this problem, we sure embrace it, but the main problem lies when the actual intensity of rainfall is much higher than our budget. That’s frustrating since we have to be extremely tight on budget. Adding something means adding cost means arising so many other problems which are hard to tell here.

UpdateAnd… the funniest yet most frustrating part of this period is zip-your-lips-game. Better avoid this one since it more an excuse for a stress release than a game. So in this game, whenever one sees the sky is so dark, try to zip our own mouths to say something about the rain is coming.

Update2Even though everyone knows the sign, knows the fact that it’s going to rain. worse, even though the the smallest rain drop is falling down, NO, don’t say (even whisper) anything like, “Ah, it’s raining”. It’s taboo. Trust me, you’ll get scolded from the others or that frightening stare. It’s saddening because I often lost control about it. The fearful game makes me think that monsoon is one of the most sensitive periods of the year (for miners).

It also makes me feel sorry for the dark sky since almost all of miners do not hope it. We do hope for the bright blue sky instead.

IMG_1779For me, I do hope the shades of orange at every dawn and dusk.

Updates1So how’s life?


20 thoughts on “An Update

    1. Salam kenal
      Hehehehhe, makasih, aku juga penasaran kapan dapat mood menulis. 😀
      PAsti langsung update kalo udh. 😀 *semoga masih penasaran*

    1. Ini jalan biasa setelah hujan. Biasanya ujian juga kak, kalo gak bisa lewat surat ijin mengemudi di tambang terancam di cabut atau mendapat penghinaan dari rekan seumur kerja di tambang. 😀

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