My Awesome Moments in Toraja

Some memories of my trip may remain awkward, while some are awesome. So what is awesomeness according to my simple taste?

TorajaLandscape, landscap, and landscape

It is an undeniable fact that Indonesia is blessed with numerous natural beauties, so is South Celebes, especially Toraja as a part of this beloved country. As far as I remember, during my trip, the whole view was green and awesome, whether it was the mountain, river, or paddy field. All was effortlessly beautiful.

IMG_2140Even along our bus ride from Makassar to Toraja, my eyes were alternately spoiled by beautiful various landscape features of South Celebes; from the ocean, hill, karst, and mountain which kept me awake longer.

OceanCustom and culture

IMG_2045Learning about Torajan ways of life little by little, I started to understand the culture that once I thought was illogical and irrelevant. Slowly knowing the reasonable reasons behind each ceremony or custom has evoked the positive thought inside me toward the culture. A few cultural practices that I’d refused to be involved since a long time ago, like back in 2009 when we held a week of burial ceremony for my late grandfather. That time I did follow the ceremony, but rejected one or two practices because I felt it was a burden more than a statement of condolence or form of consideration to the mourned one. I continue learning the culture wisely.

IMG_2072The feeling of falling in love again

The trip also re-kindled my liking to Toraja craft. It is not a new thing for me, but that time, seeing directly how it was made, made me falling for the craft deeper, especially the woven fabric and those distinctive accessories.


Blood never lies.

Despite of my inability of speaking Toraja language and lack of knowledge in everything about Toraja, I’m a Torajan to every nano-meter of my body’s cell in food department. Since my mom was gone, my taste buds of Toraja cuisine had never been satisfied. So, you could imagine how happy I was when we arrived in Toraja. I was simply happy hearing the pork-ball was everywhere around the town, pa’piong was easily found (not only at your niece, nephew, or aunties’ wedding party like in East Borneo), buraq could be made everyday, and pamarasan was everyone’s expertise.


One most famous commodity from Toraja which is hard to resist.

IMG_2145I loved the smell of our daily cup of coffee. Waking up each morning and had my cup while having light or deep conversation with family, being accompanied by the mild and fresh air of Toraja even before washing my face and brushing my teeth. And we repeated that morning routine at evening. Life was so simple, so refreshing, and so laid-back. I loved it. ❤

Find it awesome?


7 thoughts on “My Awesome Moments in Toraja

  1. Wah ini hometown kamuu? aku dan teman2 lagi merencanakan pergi kesini nih, tapi belum tau aku bisa ikut apa ngga, tiketnya mahal pas long weekend bulan Mei hahaha

    1. Iyah, dari pihak mama’, kalo pas long weekend emang harga tiket suka begitu deh. Gemes-gemesin kaya pengen cubit pake tang gitu rasanya. 😀 😀

    2. Kalo long weekend kali ini sedih gak Christa? Kayanya temen2 gw yg d kota pada hepi2 share foto2 liburan. Iyah yah, belum dapet cuti tahunan. Jangan gigit jari yh. Aku juga cuti tahunan belon dapet. Karyawan baru eh.

    3. Aku nggak kemana mana kemaren Yuna, tapi seneng malah santai dirumah dan menikmati jakarta yg kosong hehehe

      Ah sama dong kita, nasib karyawan baru 🙂

    1. Susah lupa mba Non. Sangking susah melupakan, kmren sama bapak beli kopinya untuk diri masing-masing, bawa masing-masing, kekekekeke. *sedikit memilukan*

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