That One Person

In life, there are one or two people that you love sharing anything about life, whether it’s your downs or ups. The type of person that makes you easy pouring anything, or let’s simplify this; the person who prefers giving ears to any of your problems and mistakes that (honestly) you already realized to being your judge (we already have so many judges in our live, though). That type of person whose arms are hurriedly reaching you when you fall. That type of person whose hug is able to wrap your wounded heart. That type of person who would rather laugh over your stupidity in front of you than with the others. That type of person who smiles wider than your smile at your good times. That type of person who simply stands there for you no matter what. I have few, one of which just made a poem for me after one heart-to-heart session.

Helios to KeriI don’t have any idea how the other would interpret this poem, but I was touched and moved while reading line after line. That one person really got the point of that season. And I’m grateful for it.


Feel free to drop your thought...Thank you \^o^/

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