First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tsukiji Fish Market

Let us get out of my last two toxic posts before. It’s tiring to remember anyway.

How about a memory from my first time arriving in Tokyo? The moment that I hardly believe has passed for three years. Yes, exactly three years ago. Wow. How can time fly this fast? In three years, I see my new born baby niece to a cheerful talk-active little girl, or my growing nephew from elementary school to intermediate, from a mama’s boy to a teenager who refuses to be dropped up to his school’s gate. As for me, for the last three years, I’ve been in two different companies. Awch, that’s life. Life.

Back to my first time in Japan in general and Tokyo for specific, which I posted here before. This time I choose 2 pictures that represent one of my most my memorable moments during my first holiday there.

Tsukiji Fish Market, April 26th, 2013.

9.14 a.m.

Tokyo,130426This picture was captured by one of my travelmate, Bertho, a picture of the main chef of Yamazaki Sushi Bar at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo. It captured well what I first thought as the outstanding hospitality of Japan’s restaurant.

Yamazaki Sushi was not the first choice of my friends and I, to have our first sushi experience in Japan, but the place close to it. Our first choice was so crowd with the other customers while our hungry stomachs couldn’t wait a little longer. So, we chose Yamazaki instead, simply for it had fewer queues. Fortunately, we didn’t disappoint with our decision. We still had great first experience of tasting sushi. The sushies were all fresh and satisfying, including those fish’s eggs. Moreover, I liked the habit of both chef and his assistant. Despite of our inability speaking Japanese, the chef always showed and explained us first each seafood before his skillful hands turned it into delicate sushi. 🙂

Tokyo1,130426Anyone who has been to Tokyo, do you have one moment which is hard to forget?

28 thoughts on “First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tsukiji Fish Market

    1. Heheheheh, gak papa mba, keponya gak yg ngeselin koq. Aku nginap d rumah temen *jadi ketahuan dah suka numpang*, di daerah Toyosu, pisah dua stasiun dr Odaiba. 🙂

    1. Spring, lihat cherry blossom.. Sudah ada wacana dibulan april 20917, tapi masih lihat akhir tahun ini deh.. Kalau ada rejeki dan kesempatan, berangkatsss.. 🙂

    2. Amen. Amen. Semoga ada rejekinya yah. 🙂
      Aku ama satu temen ada yg pengen nikmatin 4 musim d Jepang. Walau dua musim yang sudah, gak yg pas peak seasonnya. Tetep nunggu kelebihan itungan juga Inly. 😀

    3. iya sih, aku juga kemaren itu penasaran sama negara 4 musim, pertama ngalamin sampe mulut keluar asap dulu di jerman, norak banget deh haha.. tapi bersyukur kesampean juga, ngalamin 4 musim di NZ.

    4. Yuna, ternyata si Tsukiji Fish Market ini terkenal banget yaa.. 😀 kemarin malam, aku nonton film seri amrik, cerita soal “beyond border ” salah satunya shooting di jepang, di Tsukiji Market ini lah, langsung inget postingan kamu haha

    5. Sepertinya begitu Inly, aku juga dulu taunya pas ketemu teman di bandara, mau berangkat, dia bilang ini terkenal. As far as I remember, one of the largest fish markets in the world. Apalagi auction-nya Inly, sayangnya terbatas yang boleh ikutan dan subuh banget.
      Seneng senang haru gimna gitu ih ada yang diinget pas liat sesuatu.:D

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