First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tokyo Station

A bit different with the last three years when I promised myself to write in each travel anniversary, this time I’ll grab the moment and write every single day until my last time in Japan, which means I’ll write continuously for the next 5 days.

If the first day was memorable simply for it was first, my second day was memorable because few things which are worth remembering. We were quite active on that day. We started since early on the morning, visited few different types of attraction; Tokyo Imperial Palace, Kawaguchi-machi which is one of the most popular Tokyo’s outskirt, and last Roppongi Hills, a famous place for night city viewing, entertainment, shopping, and hang out.

Tokyo Station, April 27th, 2013

9.02 a.m

Tokyo StationTokyo Station was one of the eye-candy buildings in Tokyo because of its distinctive exquisite outer appearance. As far as I remember, I wasn’t the only one who thought that way because when we were running from Tokyo Imperial Palace to the station, I saw so many people in groups were seriously busy drawing Tokyo Station from every angle.

However, let’s not keep our focus at Tokyo Station right now, but at the picture’s time. Yes, it was two minutes past nine, which meant we were 2 minutes late to catch the bus which was supposed to drive us to Kawaguchi-Machi, one of the nicest areas for spotting Mount Fuji in Japan. Even though my friends and I had been running as fast as we could do, until we felt like running out our breath when we arrived at Tokyo Station, we were still two minutes late.

It was frustrating because seeing Mount Fuji was on our top list to do while in Japan. Seeing the situation, my friend who lived in Tokyo tried to do negotiation with the bus’s stuff, and fortunately in few minutes, we got our re-new tickets. I still have no idea whether my friend bought us new tickets or we really got the new ones because that nice friend of me said that the staff broke the tight procedure of Japan’s transportation, especially for five of us, there was no such a thing before. That was the first and the last time they did it for the sake of curious first time tourists, and we were grateful for that. Ehm, let’s say it was our lucks, I would be in serious debt otherwise.

Tokyo Station, April 27th, 2013

9.52 a.m

That was the first time I tasted curry rice. Even though my first experience of Japan’s delicacy in Japan was sushi and it was nice, until the end of trip, tonkatsu curry rice was the one that stole my heart. It even forced me to prepare special place inside my baggage for about two kilograms instant pork curry. 😀

Curry RiceSomeone ever stopped at Tokyo Station here? Please share your story. Or how about curry rice in Japan? Was it delicious? *drooling*

7 thoughts on “First Time In Impressive Tokyo; Tokyo Station

    1. Bagus dari luar mba, Ahm kalo dalamnya jadi ingat antrian panjang beli Tokyo Banana gak sih? *ah lagi2 ke makanan larinya* 😀

    2. Hahaha aku justru nggak pernah makan itu Tokyo Banana, malah nggak ngeh klo “ngetren”. Aku inget ke underground floornya yang banyak banget jual obento sampe bingung beli yang mana. Kita tiap kali mau naik shinkansen harus punya obento ditangan dulu 😛

    3. Sama mba, aku tau gara-gara temenku ajakin ke sana beli, pas browsing iyah, suka jadi oleh2, pas yg kedua kok baru tau juga ttg pisang2an sponge ini. 😀
      Nah, naik shinkansen cuma yg dari Kyoto ke Osaka, gak sampai 10 menit. Mahal eh shinkansen mba. Naik bus seringnya kalo jauh.

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