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Happy Friday! \^0^/

Let’s have fun more. I’m doing a collaboration post with YooRi of With YooRi. We are celebrating her getting 100 followers and being accepted by two different universities (congratulation again, cool girl). I’ve been following her blog for months. I enjoy it. She mostly shares about anything out of my league like fashion, cosmetics, travel, and sometimes her life in general. I don’t understand well anything related to cosmetic, I only use sunscreen, face powder, and lip balm for my daily staples, however her detail yet easy to understand way of reviewing is interesting and refreshing.

16-04-27-20-24-09-611_decoSo what this collaboration is about? we’ll be answering cultural questions that have been taken from Youtube. The both of us hope that you’ll enjoy reading through our answers and that you’ll know more about us after. 😀

**Question credits to whoever started the tag**

  1. When was the last time you were in Indonesia?

I write this post from Indonesia. (hi there). 🙂

  1. Name one of Indonesian delicacy you enjoy the most and why?

Ah, this is a hard question.

Ehm, I currently live in South Borneo, I really enjoy Soto Ayam Banjar (Banjarnese chicken soup), and I love it because its clear yet savory broth.

  1. Name one household the best resembles your culture?

Well, I think about a cup since we, Indonesian, always prepare a cup of tea or coffee for our guesses.

  1. Do you know how to speak Indonesian? If so, type a phrase or two.

Bahasa Indonesia is my mother tongue.

                Mau belajar bahasa Indonesia, YooRi? (Do you want to learn bahasa, YooRi?)                      

  1. Which part of Indonesia are you from? What’s your most favorable thing from that area?

East Kalimantan. My most favorable thing is various delicacy of East Kalimantan, orangutan, monkey, and Dayaknese bead crafts.

  1. Do you live in Indonesia?

Look at #1

  1. What is a stereotype of Indonesian?


  1. Do you own karaoke machine?

No, I don’t. But, every time I sing in the house, it feels like we had one. 😀

  1. Sing your favorite Indonesia’s song.

I’ll send you a record of my voice. 😀 😀

For Indonesian artist, I enjoy any of Glenn Fredly and Judika songs. *feel like going to karaoke room now*.

  1. Have you tried one of Indonesian exotic food?

The most exotic food in East Kalimantan is croc satay. Nope, I have never had and will never have any intention of tasting it.

  1. Favorite Indonesian Joke

Ah, I think it similar to your puns joke. My friends and I like that kind of joke, we call it plesetan.

  1. Have you ever been mistaken for another nationality?

While traveling abrod, yes, always. I’ve always been mistaken either from Thailand or Philippines.

  1. Do you eat the most popular bakery in your area on a regular basic?

Nope. I would rather have Banjarnese traditional cake or bread.

  1. Are you inseparable from your family?

No, I’m not. I’ve spent my time living alone or apart from my family longer than with them. It started when I was in playgroup. I think that happened because in Toraja (one of tribes in Indonesia), there is a jual (sell) culture for a baby girl who looks alike her mother or a baby boy who looks alike his father, it was like you have to be sold to the other family member and to be separated (sarai’) from your parents. I was sold because I took after my mom physically.

So, I’ve answered all 14 questions, thank you for having your time wasted by reading until this part 😀


12 thoughts on “Collaboration Little Orange World X With YooRi

  1. I’m still amused at the jual tradition *0* And Bahasa does seem interesting to learn though! ;D Seems like Bahasa follows the same sentence pattern as English, so I guess it would be easy…? Also hehe I myself can’t really differentiate South East Asian people that well 😅

    1. There’s no formal ceremony for ‘jual’ tradition, sometimes it is enough just by your other family member said,”I buy Yuna with a chicken in all black feathers.’ 😀 (or with the other payment method, it’s usually cheap, simple, or unique)
      Yes, it would be quite hard task.

    1. One of my niece was sold only for 2,000 IDR, right before being brought home from hospital. 😀
      I haven’t asked mine. If it doesn’t meet my expectation, I’d be disappointed anyway. 😀 😀
      I don’t have any idea about the other Toraja areas, but in my mom, it does exists.
      I once faced bad things about this, on the day when we were about sending my mom to her final home, one of her cousin came to me, cried in all her might while saying, “why did you come back home and stay with your mom, it was not allowed, that made one of you have to go, and it was my mom.” See? Can you imagine how I felt that day? I was the one who in grieving, but I was the one who being blamed.
      Somehow sometimes, I felt it’s ridiculous.

    2. O my that is dreadful! I mean there are some interesting things about tradition, but surely in this era and day and age people can diffrentiate between those that are good tradition and those that are based on some random old lore

  2. I think Asians have the natural tendency to become hospitable… (not discriminating other nationalities) Of the few times I visited my neighbouring Asian countries, I will surely encounter one national who will make all means to help me out. While I haven’t been to Indonesia, I was able to mingle with some Indonesians during a research conference I attended in Taiwan.

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