White Lie

According to http://www.dictionary.com

Definition of white lie

1. a minor, polite, or harmless lie; fib.

white lie


So have you ever told a white lie or two? What was your reason of telling it? To whom you mostly said it? Have you ever felt bad after telling it? Or Felt much better?

I’ve told so many white lies.

The reason was trying not hurting anyone, either the people who I told about it or my self.

People whom I care about (I do care myself, sometimes).

I’ve felt bad after telling while lies to other, and hurt myself sometimes.

I’ve never felt much better after telling any lies.

So, why do we keep on telling it?

I don’t have any idea either…

13 thoughts on “White Lie

  1. I have probably lived too long in Scandinavia but I tell things like it is, unless it’s vanity (you don’t look fat, etc) 😛 Other things, I do tell it straight.

  2. Saat ini, buat aku kalau terlalu straight masih susah, jadi kadang masih white lie, tapi lihat2 juga, white lienya gara2 apa, gak semuanya white lie juga.. Jadi kadang drpd mesti komennya dibagusin, mending diem aja, ga usah ngomong apa2, haha..

    1. Nah kadang yg terakhir juga Inky, mau white lie atau bukan, lie is still a lie. Yah gimna lagi gtu yah. 😀

    2. Nah kalo sudah banyak gak enakannya ini emang susah Inly. Yah sudahlah yah, berusaha terus ajah kalo gtu. 😀

  3. I tried to say it frankly by using other polite words. sometimes. like when I think the clothes is not good in someone (my friend for exp), I will say, ” red is better on you “. I’m a kind of straight to the point person yun’ and I hate lie. for me, it’s better to tell the truth.

    1. Ah, yes mba, it’s indeed right thing to do. I’m learning on it. I think whatever the my reason was, deep down in my heart, truth was still the best. Like you said.

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