Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

After arriving back to Indonesia from my South Korea trip, I’ve got a lot of question about my itinerary and budget. It might be caused by my (seemed interesting) holiday pictures that I’d posted all around my social media. Honestly speaking, I didn’t get many places to see for 10 days there, so I’ve only answered that I didn’t have many suggestion, but stories. If only they wanted to hear it, but I didn’t think they would. I think I could publish at least two books for those stories (joke). 😀 😀 I might be changing the way of my travelling style lately. Consciously or un-consciously. Since my last visited to Singapore in the end of 2015, I met and spent more time with people than visited and did suggested itineraries and attractions. As Singapore, it was my second time there. However, I still did the same during this first trip to South Korea, my camera’s memory is full of pictures of the people I’d met there. Yes, I think I’m really changing since that time was my first in South Korea, but I still did meet people more, and less places. At my past times, for 10 days travelling I would have seen hundreds places, but lately, I couldn’t even submit it for earning more. However, I didn’t even regret every single time that I spent meeting and hanging out with all of them. I still have no idea whether it’s okay to call all one night or two meetings as friends or just connection even though (I think) we spent great nights.

WelcometoSKIf my first reason was too good to be an excuse, you might catch this reason; I got less places to see because I wasted so many times on the road, either for reading the Hangul character and then turned it into roman (especially in Jeonju and Jeju), missed my train and buses, hopped in to the opposite side buses, or simply lost direction. I think these all make more sense. 😀 😀

But still, I don’t have any regret.

Moreover, during this trip, I did a lot of things that I did for the first time and I enjoyed all of it. I’d love to tell it one by one. 😀

So, this post is sort of a preview of my trip’s stories to South Korea. ❤

8 thoughts on “Short Story of My Trip to South Korea

    1. Itu dia mba Ev, soalnya aku juga semua aja yang murah atau tak berbiaya yang suka diliatin, terus coba makanan dan yang berbau etnik sukanya. 😀
      Mungkin mereka butuh panduan, yang gak suka diabaikan yang suka dipikirkan. 😀

    2. Betul juga ya. Aku sendiri sih lebih suka bikin itin lepas, alias klo capek ya ga diturutin, atau lebih mentingin makan daripada sightseeing, jadi ga yakin juga klo di mintain itin cocok buat orang lain

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