Statistic That Matters

Speaking about blogging, there is one thing that I love doing each time I log in to my so beloved blog’s account; Little Orange World, seeing the statistic. Intentionally or un-intentionally, seeing the statistic is the first thing happens. I don’t deny it though for it’s the first page that appears in before my eyes.

Each time, the first thing that appears off all will always be my-fluctuated-at low-level-stick-diagram. It doesn’t really matter for me, even though I sometimes happy if there’s a high spike or two in between. The things that I intentionally see are the flags of country, and then my most viewed topic, referrers, click, and the last search term.

I’m interested om flag or country for it’s simply interesting to know how wide my viewer around this globe, as much as I’m curious what topic that people love. I’m just curious about what topic that usually drives people to this humble blog of mine, just curious, I don’t have any intention to follow where my statistic goes anyway. So it goes almost the same way with referrer, click, and search term. However, from all of the things which are own by statistic page, there is one thing that frequently made my eyes almost completely popped out, it is search term. The reason is there were few times, I found unbearable funny search term or on contrary, depressing search term. I usually printed screen or screen captured it. I might did that for un-important post like this. 😀

Like this morning, my eyes almost felt out from its beautiful and comfort place when I read a searched time written like the picture below.

UntitledIt gave me a mixed of upset and amusing feelings at the same time. I was amused by the fact that there was someone who came to my place by finding something as upsetting as that issue. Even though later I googled it (because I had another curiosity how my nickname ended up with that saddening searching) and then guessed it was a song’s tittle of an artist named Yuna. Ah, thanked God I was not that upsetting. But then… I thought like ah maybe I posted something like that so it drove the search engine to link it to my place. I have no idea.

However, I would rather have my searched term be like; Yuna’s fashion, Cool Yuna, Yuna unbearable sweet smile, Lovely Yuna (kibas rambut), Caring Yuna, Wise Yuna, Cute Yuna, Funny Yuna, Happy Yuna, or the other more decent and elegant search terms like Yuna whom I couldn’t spend a day without. But, what? Yuna unrequited love words? Were you making fun of me? T_T Why on earth from so many search term choices? Oh, Arrrghhhh.

So, those are things on statistic pages which (sometimes) matters to me.

What about you? Does the blog’s statistic matter for you? Or something on the pages does matter for you? Please share. I’m curious.


10 thoughts on “Statistic That Matters

    1. Wuakakakaka, abang Ari yang ganteng dan menawan di sana, bukan statistiknya juga sichk ah, ketemu gw-nya itu loh. Sedih gak sih? *eaaa curcol*
      Senoirrr?? Hwhaaat? kalo search “Yuna senior blogger” pasti gak nemu.
      Nah habis comment ini di-posted kayanya bakal nemu. 😀 😀
      Btw, mana tulisan baru?! *kebetulan banyak nganggur di kantor tapi males belajar*

  1. I’m a little bit like you. I love seeing where my readers are from. Sometimes I found flag I don’t even recognize. It’s just so unbelievable that people around the world want to read my writings 🙂

  2. statistic matters, of course. but I don’t want to make it as something that I’m chasing or seeking for. if that’s the case, I will write not for myself but for others. but I have to admit that it somehow motivates the writers/bloggers to write. when they know that many people visit their blog 🙂 .

    1. No, mba, no. me nother. I’ll keep on posting anything I like, not based on what readers like. 😀
      It matters to me because of the way people reach me in so many ways. 😀 😀
      It indeed motivates us mba.

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