Instant Rice

Oh my June, there are so many instant foods in this world that I don’t know exist, let’s say instant rice. Yeee, now you know that I’m lack of general knowledge. Thank to one of my treasured best friends who finally decided to write her own blog (and I’m delighted by it) mentioning about instant bibimbap which made me remember about similar thing that I had back in Seoul; instant rice.



I found about this when Irina and I about making our last breakfast together. For few days when I stayed at her home, she’d always prepared breakfast, so I thought, in the end I had to show her that I also had some cooking skill. I confidently suggest her having Indonesia cuisine that I learned before heading to South Korea. I’d never suggest the idea before it because the food was quite spicy and Irina’s couldn’t handle spicy food that well. However, finally she gave it a try. (thank you, Irina) 😀

The dish was nasi pecel ayam goreng dan telur rebus. That was my safest choice, first because I bought the (another) instant peanut sauce from Indonesia, second it was easy to make and third fast. Since I make the name of dish with “nasi”, that meant we need rice. So that was why the instant rice appeared.

YunskiI consider instant rice as one important issue because I’d never had any idea before that it existed (see, another first things for me in Seoul, this is the third). I shared my amazement about the existence of instant rice to Irina when she suggested me to have instant rice as a companion of my instant (sauce) pecel, and then she just in relax tone answered, “yeah it exists, this one my favorite.” I mean, if it was something related to rice, why it had to be instant? Wouldn’t it much better to have it by conventional way? However, since we needed our breakfast to be served quickly that last morning, I just widely received the idea of having instant rice.

This instant rice only needed about 5 minutes to be heated in microwave (am I right Irina?)

IMG_3724In few minutes, Irina’s instant rice and my instant pecel were ready on the table. At first bite, surprisingly, the instant rice exceeded my expectation, and in minutes later we both enjoyed those instant foods (I hope the vegetables that I bought from ajuhsi next door weren’t instant.

Do you occasionally eat instant food? What’s your most favorite?


12 thoughts on “Instant Rice

    1. Iyah mba Non, aku juga takjub waktu tau tinggal di panasin. *eh di kasih air gak yah waktu itu?!* kmren terlalu fokus motong2 sayur. 😀

  1. Yunnn.. pas di NZ, aku juga beli beras instant, tulisnanya sih rice, tinggal masukkin ke microwave aja 3 menit jadi. gak tahunya nasi briyani yang di pack kedap udara.. itu bukan instant ternyata, nasi yg sudah jadi di packing.

    1. Ah, iyah yah Inly. Kayanya maksudnya itu yah, jadi harusnya “nasi siap makan”, tapi kepanjangan kali yah. 😀 😀

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