Lovely Inay (WW)



12 thoughts on “Lovely Inay (WW)

    1. Iyah mba Non, sudah jarang wanita Dayak yang memanjangkan telinga. Mungkin di hulu2 sungai aja yg masih.

    1. Hi Diane, actually I used Inay while in the village for calling the aunties, older women. 😀 wow, it means mother. Wow, we need to talk more about this similarity. 😀 😀

    2. Hi Yuna! Back when the Philippines is not yet highly “westernised” everyone calls their mother as “Inay.” I’m not sure what happened with the evolution of language but another Filipino word for mother emerged. It was termed as “Nanay.” But when westernisation intensified, you rarely hear children calling their mothers as Nanay or Inay. More often than not, children here call their mother Mama or Mommy.

    3. Ah, i think people of Miau Baru, where I took this picture, called her mom or auntie or whoever older married women as Inay. 🙂

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