More of May 14, 2016 in Seoul

When mostly Korean Couple spent May 14, 2016 with roses, I spent that day with friends and food. I found it was romantic as changing roses (a made up excuse). 😀

OneDaySeoul1Irina and I skipped breakfast, so we decided to have lunch together like what I’ve told on previous post, but before having (extremely) late lunch, we promised to visit War Memorial of Korea.

The War Memorial of Korea is a massive building with a helpful digital guide. I couldn’t say that visiting a war memorial was pleasing as visiting palaces or other historic places, it have always given different impression, however it was worth visiting.

P1050248After War Memorial, we then headed to a Mexican restaurant. Besides the Rose’s day, Irina and I had more interesting sharing on our way like exchanging our travel experiences, our next plans, and so many random things. It was one meaningful sharing moment that successful took control over my brain, which caused us forgetting that we had walked for 20 minutes to reach the restaurant and when we arrived I almost out of breath from fast walking’s pace.

Lunch finished in a blink of eye because on that day, where the atmosphere was filled with flower and personal time, Irina had to have her personal time with university’s homework and I had to share few next hours with my beloved friend and his family from Bandung. It was time to say our temporary good bye, and then I hurriedly leaving for Myeongdong, my next appointment took place.

OneDaySeoul2The crowd in Myeong-dong was more fascinating for me than in Itaewon that I passed on my way. I liked how enthusiast both vendors and potential buyers there, it kept the lively atmosphere. However, shopping was not my schedule; I prefer having conversation with my friends over the famous Korean Dessert Sulbing, which was introduced by them. If it wasn’t for the cold spring breeze at night, we could have had longer conversation since our random small talk was giving me so much laughter and the ambiance of the restaurant was enjoyable.

IMG_4320Adding to that, the desserts were delicate and fulfilling. No wonder I hardly saw that place was lesser crowd while sitting there for few hours.

IMG_3058For that experience I had in Sulbing Korean Dessert, I would love to re-visit again and suggest it to the other friends who visit Seoul.

IMG_3059Having dessert at Sulbing wasn’t my last appointment. I had one more before closing the day; taking Busker for a walk. Busker was a cute pet of Irina’s friend. Since Irina was busy with homework and Busker seemed careless about everyone’s busy schedule and kept asking for a walk, I came in and handled him. Therefore, taking Busker for a walk was my fourth new things in South Korea. I talk more about Busker later. Walking him was exciting new experience for me. Busker was a nice experience to end the day.

6 thoughts on “More of May 14, 2016 in Seoul

  1. The dessert looks tasty! If I’m ever traveling to Seoul I will definitely go and try it 🙂 I like a lot your South Korea blog posts because I learn what to do when traveling there 😀

    1. Indeed tasty Neidotta.
      Should try it, especially in unbearable hot weather. 🙂
      Owch, thank you. It’s kind of writing booster. 😀 ❤

    1. Iyah banget. Kalo gak ingat kantong dan perut. Uh, di cobain semua. Ini juga boleh ditraktir mba. 😀 😀 *apa karna itu jadi enak banget yah?!* 😀

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