Saturday Morning in Hongdae

Let me stop imaging what happened in Hongdae on Friday night, as the Seoulites festively welcoming the weekends. I spent a whole night in Hongdae once and it seems too hard to forget, especially when each Friday morning I’ve received the notification to celebrate it from Seoul’s couchsurfing group since a month ago. It’s kind of notification that makes me even harder now to forget my memories of South Korea.

After the busy notification and hailing since Thursday night, Friday morning, until the due time, the crowd of chatting group would be finally replaced by the stream of pictures and videos from the last night. Oh my June, it’s something hard to avoid and to not fall for. Sort of.

In order to divert my thoughts, let me share what I did at Hongdae on Saturday morning back then.

IMG_4415So, the morning scene of Hongdae was so much different from the night. On Saturday morning, the stream of people who filled up the street at the night, which made me moving less comfortable, was replaced by the abandoned flyers and brochures. That was unpleasant to see, especially after one pleasing whole night out. Besides those eye-sore messy flyers and brochures, only few people were seen, along with one or two restaurants that opened, which were ready to cure the last night’s effect.

It was 4 a.m. and the streets were felt empty compared to last night crowd. I was tagging along with the remaining four other friends, we didn’t have any idea where the rest people went. Since we were waiting for the first train, we had to either wait at station or spend more time around, which later we chose to spend time around and decided to have one last round; Karaoke. Yes, it seemed to us as the best choice that time; giving our hangover friend a little bit cure and using our left energy before taking asleep. 😀

IMG_3734One hour was enough to bring out our inner-singer and then we decided to have breakfast, which no other than the famous soup for hangover in Korea. I forget the soups’ name, but it came with four kinds of main ingredient; pork, beef, fish, and sundae. I tried three, but fish, and my most favorite was pork, of course. I didn’t like beef soup that much anyway, so it was naturally lost my taste from the first round and for the sundae soup, since I’d tried a really good one in Jeju, the one in Hongdae failed my taste as well. However, the pork soup was satisfying. It was savory, fulfilling, and curing well. I’d love to suggest having pork soup after one whole hard night at Hondae. It was worth tasting! ❤

soupThat was my satisfying early Saturday morning experience in Hondae. Feel the dimmed heat?


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