Reading Lately

Lately, my willingness to read is decreasing significantly. I’ve made target reading at least 25 book this year and I am 6 books behind this far. I’ve bought plenty of books since early 2016, however few of them are left dusted. I brought it forth and back to my house-camp each time I got my field break, and until this moment, it’s all left untouched. So, I write this post, which is dedicated to my sleeping-reading-mood. I wish this could be a booster to my reading mood.

IMG_9999You might have a clue that my knowledge of author and book is limited, even though I said thousands times that I like reading, which actually is limited to comic, Grisham or Christie books, and add with those popular children books. Other than that, I am almost clueless. So, that’s why I never call myself as a bookworm or bookish, although I also have thousands printed book on my bookshelf and book’s boxes. 😀 (Deducted those books that have been borrowed but have never made its way back to me) 😥

In order to make my author and book knowledge wider, I’ve been following few bookworms all over media social, especially instagram. Ever since, I’ve been captured the books that I’m interested to. So, here the list, which is influenced by random things (mostly subjective):

Hujan di Bulan Juni by Sapardi Djoko Damono



Before reading so many positive reviews about this poem collection by one Indonesian famous poets (I just found out about it), I fell in love merely by the title of this book when I first saw it at one of the biggest printed bookshops in entire Indonesia. I like June. That’s all.

The Other Hand by Chris Cleave

While this book makes me fall for its cover. 😀 😀

IMG_6433Outstanding in the Rain by Frank Viva



Once again I fall for the attractive cover of this book. Besides that, I know few people around me who love rain, which never fails to make me wonder why they love it so much. The screen captured of this book has been lasted for more than a year on my phone, however I’ve never read the book’s summary.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo

IMG_6435Found this on instagram. I am really bad at tidying up, so when I read the title I think this book was interesting. Later I the summary told me that this book was telling more tidying up. I still want to read it though.

Letter from Birmingham City Jail by Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King


Reading the book about greatest people in history is one of my latest ambition and Martin Luther King Jr is one of them.

More of Agatha Christie and John Grisham. 


forget where I took this picture

That’s mine, what about you? Do you eager to read book but just like me, has too many reason to not to do it?


12 thoughts on “Reading Lately

  1. Samaa :”)))) Pas beli semangat banget seolah beneran bisa 1 minggu 1 buku, pas eksekusi sering kedistract Instagram :’))) Yuna ada Goodreads nggak?

    1. Selalu begitu yah Put.
      Ada donk, walau lama tak dikunjungi dan gak jauh sepi seperti ini. kkkk
      Yunita Gena atau Yuna Gena.
      Puty apa Goodreads ID-nya?

  2. Aku jg banyak bgt buku sisa BBW kemarin hehehe lumayan sih udh abis 4, skrg lg baca Us- David Nicholls tp belum kelar2 udh sebulan hahaha

    1. Huaaa, jadi inget mupeng banget ke BBW kmren, tapi terkurung di site. Oh.
      Em, coba entar aku google itu buku seperti apa. 🙂
      Ah, sama buku yg terakhir aku mentok di halaman 3, udah sebulan lebih juga Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, gratisan iPad. 🙂 🙂

  3. Bah! Gue beli buku cuman jadi pajangan doang di lemari, haha. Maklum, termasuk generasi instan yang doyan baca artikel di media online sih 😛

  4. I read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and really tidied up my stuff. It was super useful. But now I’m back to my messy self and will need to retidy.

  5. Demen baca juga (dulunya ) sekarang banyak yang harus dikerjain, dan gak bisa sambilan baca, huhuhu.. dulu tipe yang numpuk buku ntah bacanya kapan, hahaha.. sampe kalau mau bikin review dah ketinggalan bangett dehh.. udah punya beberapa judul yang dilist untuk dibeli bulan depan..

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