A Whole Night Out in Hongdae on Friday Night

“It’s Friday!!!

“Please join our…”

“Let’s the party starts!

“Yeah, Friday!”

“Party time!”

Those are the same repeated messages that I’ve always received for more than one month after I came back from South Korea. I’ve never been a party goer, even when I was much younger, but I keep on receiving those messages since I’m part of the Seoul’s couchsurfing’s group chat and the invitation is the group’s weekly schedule on every Friday night.

Unless I visit Seoul, I can’t join the meeting and all the group members already know it, however I still enjoy what they share because mostly people come and go, but the locals stay, which makes this group is interesting to follow (besides those crazy people in it). The group hectic, the conversation is mostly random, no rules, and no fool. However, I like it. I like this kind of small talks in a group chat.

Joining this regular Friday meeting was un-planned plan. As far as I remember, I spontaneously said to my second host in Seoul, Cherry, if we both could join this “nearby event” which was suggested by couchsurfing web, partly because I didn’t have any idea what to do on my first day with her. She read it briefly, and then said, “Why not? We shall try it.” She also said that she joined the CSers Wednesday event in Seoul once and her experience was good. So it was settled. We went to the Friday meeting.

So what was happened at CS Kakao Chat Friday Party that makes the euphoria of South Korea trip lasts longer on me? I personally liked meeting the people there. If you could imagine how hectic our chat room, so you might be able to imagine how hectic the meeting was.

P1050970I saw that they haven’t changed the event today, when I was there, it started with dinner and drinks along with various, very varied random talks, which was my most favorite part. This one that makes me thinking of the event again and again.

P1050969Dinner started at 8 p.m. and it ended around 12 a.m., when people were about joining the stream of nighters in each street and corner of Hongdae. From this part, the crowd was getting lesser. Everyone had his/her own choice whether to follow the crowd or do whatever s/he liked doing. No one force anyone to do the same, and the same minded would stay and stick until the end of the event.

P1050975I hardly figured out whether the people or the moments that more enjoyable for me sticking to them until Saturday morning. The night flied really fast and left me only the memories and the willingness to do it again and again. That was so pleasing.

I can say I was able to enjoy all the moments and talks with all of the people who attended the party, but I kept in mind that time, there were hundreds people in the chat room which came from various countries, with various culture and way of life, so I needed to open my mind more and avoided to be prejudiced and so it went the same with the meeting. About the drink (even the invitation warn this), I had to drink responsibly unless I exactly knew that I came with my best friend who would take me home nicely if I passed out. 😀 😀

IMG_4076So, for everyone who is going to Seoul or just think about visiting Seoul, you might be interested to this event, especially if you like meeting new people.



6 thoughts on “A Whole Night Out in Hongdae on Friday Night

  1. Sounds interesting event and I am happy you had fun there 🙂 I’m not party person myself so I don’t know if I would be brave enough to go happening like this 😀

    1. Thank you Neidotta. What a very nice of you.
      So neither am I. I even danced in the circle of people whom I comfortable with. 😀 😀
      Should try it if you visit Seoul. It’s regular and you can have a way to make yourself comfort. Just come for chatting and having dinner and drinks. 😀

    1. Kekekekekeke, iyah mba, tapi aku cenderung suka ngobrol2nya kog, acara2 berikutnya pinter2 ngeles sama menyamankan dan mengamankan diri. 😀 😀

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