Walking Busker and Watching Barry

Yuna is back to diligent writing mode.

In seconds, my fourth first experience in South Korea will be revealed; playing with dogs. Yes, you read it right. I know so many people, few of which are close relatives of mine, who can’t live without their pets, especially dogs or cats, people who are very different with me. Even my sister was sobbing badly when she had to be separated from her dearest dog because of one reason, which I have never understand well why she had to be like that (am I sounded so cold now?)

IMG_6442Please don’t get me wrong, I might sound a cold person (ah, may be right), it doesn’t mean I hate nor dislike pets, such as dogs and cats, I only don’t know how to play with them all. I adored the cute tiny and seemed couldn’t get bigger dog of my sister, I laughed along when my sister played with it, but I just couldn’t get closer to it. I adored it from some distance. I wanted to touch it, but I just couldn’t do it. The time I almost reached the dog’s body, I felt like something crept inside me, and I failed to touch it. It goes the same with any others dogs or cats. But I do enjoy when it does the cute postures and expressions. I like it.

So, one day in Seoul, Irina had something urgent to do, which made her couldn’t take Busker (her friend’s dog which was under Irina’s care that day) for its night walk, when she already promised to do so. There I was, had nothing to do at night and compulsively offered Irina a help. It was a hard quick decision for me. I made such a decision because I thought we had no better choice that time. I forget whether I told Irina that I was afraid of touching Busker, but I remember telling her that I had never played with any dog before and Busker was going to be my first. I also asked her about the way I had to touch Busker. See? I even didn’t know how to touch a dog that time. Thankfully, Busker wasn’t such a hard guy to get along with. Busker was really calm during our night walk. What surprised me was, along the way, we met few people who also took their dogs for walking, we greeted each other, so did the dogs, sometimes I had to stop because Busker needed more time with his new friend, so I also had no choice but greeted the owner despite of the language barrier. 😀 I felt like I knew what the other side’s team said though. At the end of the walk, surprisingly, I was satisfied with my night walk with Busker. It gave the same freshness after I had an enjoyable exercise.

BuskerThe second playdate with dog was Barry, owned by my host in Jeonju. Barry had cuter appearance than Busker. If Busker gave a vibe of manly dog, Barry gave the vibe of a spoiled cute dog that you just couldn’t ignore. Even on my first meeting with Barry, he continuously sent me his aegyo. He tried to touch me here and there. Stood up, asking to be held and asking for attention. All the manners that made me lame and couldn’t ignore him, and then, finally I was able to touch Barry longer than I touched Busker (I touched Busker only for taking him out and into cage). That was my first meeting with Barry. It wasn’t a bad meeting. And then, something that made me nervous came in hour later, when my host told me that he needed my help because he was going to see Barry’s partner that had been hospitalized for days. (I thought I was done that time). 😀

P1050721I thought, I was okay with my first introduction with Barry, but I had no confidence in watching Barry when my host wasn’t at home. What if something happened to Barry or he needed to do something that I couldn’t understand? I didn’t know how to read dog’s body language. Honestly speaking here, I was much more panicked inside, but I just couldn’t show it to my host. Even when he was explaining everything about Barry; about what and how related to Barry, I couldn’t concentrate well. I focus more on suggesting myself that everything would be alright. I just needed to imagine touching a stuffed-dog, instead of a real one, if Barry came and asked me to do it.

When my host finally left home for Barry partner, the attention seeker Barry suddenly got a bit calmer around me, I didn’t have any idea whether he felt that I wasn’t really comfortable at first with him, he kept distance, and I also didn’t feel playing with him.

Barry1IMG_3345Barry had kept distance for minutes until I felt bad for him and then, tried my best and my whole braveness to invite him playing with me.

BarryThanked God, Barry wasn’t as aggressive as our first meeting which made me feeling much better and enjoying more, playing with him. And yes, we made ‘wefie’. 😀 😀 ❤

IMG_3349That was a nice ending. However, after Barry, I’m back to my old self; I still can touch other dogs and cats. Even though I find a cute dog or cat, I still the same Yuna who adores them from some distance. I still can’t figure out why. I wish I could though.

18 thoughts on “Walking Busker and Watching Barry

    1. Maybe you can start to pet a hamster.. hehe (but hamster bite too.. *afraid*)
      My hubz keep six love birds as pet.. and he want to add some fish in my house (gosh!!!)
      I still want to pet a dog.. (again) maybe someday.. hehe
      Anyway, dog can feel our fear, if we’re feel fear or threatened by them, they will attack us.. hehe :p
      It’s good to see your experienced with busker and barry.. 🙂
      Ngomong2 anjing kecil yang di gambar pertama anjing siapa?? lucu sangat…

    2. anjing kk gw Get, udah di serahkan ke orang lain. Karna kalo udh gedean suka di protes tetangga. 😥
      Nooo, I am afraid touching something like hamster. Those furs. Noo.
      I prefer bird and fish, no need to touch. 🙂 🙂
      Ahhh, really? ABout dog? Noted that. Yes, it was nice experience. 😀

    1. Sudah terjawab yang neng nong, anjing kampung biasa, kekekeke, kalo di Kalimantan banyak di hutan-hutan ebrkeliaran. Gw juga berharap dia gak membesar. 😀 😀
      Soalnya asal gedean dikit harus keluar dari rumah dan lingkungan berhubung tetangga juga protes walau di dalam rumah ajah. hiks. 😥

    2. akkss.. senasib sama chiro.. dikomplen tetangga..di dalam rumah pun kasian..
      Anjing kampung kecilnya lucu.. gedenya… ga lucu.. 😦

    3. Soalnya haram yun.. hehe
      Walau ada juga temen yang muslim tapi tetep pelihara.. hehe :p
      Tergantung persepsi masing2 orang euy..
      Someday aku mau punya lagi kok kalo rumahnya udah pindah ..haha 😀

    4. Di doain cepet pindah kalo begitu. Iyah, sama, ada juga alasan bulunya terbang ke rumah tetangga, kebawa angin walaupun di peliharaan di dalam rumah terus. YA udahlah yah. Demi ketentraman.

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