Sangalaki Island, Derawan Island, East Borneo

Leaving the stingless jellyfishes and my first snorkeling experience behind, we were speeding up to the next island, Sangalaki. Yes, holiday in Derawan Islands meant hopping from one to another island. I have no idea exactly how far Sangalaki island from Kakaban, but it’s located at the western part of Kakaban island, and we reached it in about 30 minutes with the speed boot.

IMG_6563From various testimonials all around the blog and any other media, Sangalaki is one of diving paradise. There are few diving spot. As what I saw in Wikipedia.

Sangalaki and its diving spots:PulauSangalaki

  1. Channel Entrance
  2. Coral Gardens
  3. Turtle Town
  4. Sandy Ridge
  5. Manta Run
  6. Sherwood Forest
  7. Manta Parade
  8. Manta Avenue
  9. Eel Ridge
  10. Lighthouse dan
  11. The Rockies.

In other hand, like what I have mentioned few time here, playing in the water wasn’t my thing, neither was diving. So, for people like me who are afraid of so many things beneath the water surface, you may enjoy Sangalaki Island for its exquisite sight of white sand particle along with the clear and clean shades of greenish blue water color while the ocean’s breeze is trying to cooling down the high temperature which is caused by scorching sun. I enjoyed this moment the most.

IMG_6556IMG_6577Meanwhile my niece and nephew were merrily playing around with few baby sea turtles which were collected in a one place before it all was released in to the sea.

IMG_6565I also didn’t feel like getting nearer to the baby sea turtles that time, considering how it attracted the hungry monitoring lizards around the island, so I kept the safe distance with it and took a seat at the spacious area, so I could notice when the predator came from nowhere. Yeah, that was the only thing that made my visit to Sangalaki Island less content, when I was fully aware that in contrary, the others really hoped to meet the whole inhabitant of Sangalaki Island.

IMG_6603If only we were the diving lovers, we would have spent longer time in Sangalaki Island, but we weren’t. So we chose to visit the other island and left Sangalaki. Moreover, the speed boat driver told us that we needed to leave the island early if we didn’t want to swim since the high tide was coming our way. So that’s how our Sangalaki visit was end.



12 thoughts on “Sangalaki Island, Derawan Island, East Borneo

    1. Eh, kapan ke Derawannya Christa? Padahal biasanya satu paket loh, Kakaban sama Sangalaki. Sayang banget tiga hari belum sempat ke sana. Mungkin di suruh balik lagi Christa. 😀

    2. Taun 2012.. pake Kakaban Tour, lupa juga kenapa gak diajak ke Sangalaki yah, tapi dapet berenang sama ubur2 udh seneng bgttt..sama ke pulau Gusung 😀

    3. Iyah sih Christa, wow udah lama juga. 2012. Nah berikutnya update sedikit pulau Gusung rencananya. *alesan untuk pajang foto pulau kecil itu* 😀 😀

    1. Ahhhh, membayangkan saja berenang di sana aku tak sanggup.
      Padahal keliahatan tenanng, semoga masih tetap suka berenang temannya.

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