Craving Samgyeopsal

Oh, I am craving samgyeopsal (삼겹살) now. It seems to me, being in a group of people who like Korean food brings both good and bad effects. The good thing is the whole information about food that I have received, including those best deals. In other hand, it also becomes the bad effects; my entire day is always full of seducing food which makes me craving it. Oh. And the worst case is, I can’t have it all now. I write one of them instead. *I will write it one by one though* Please bear it. 😀 ❤

Now, let’s have a look at samgyeopsal, a complete serving which is full of fat and contentment. Back to my holidays in South Korea few months ago, samgyeopsal was the first dinner I had. I’d been waiting for so long to have it there, thanked to hundreds dramas that I’d watched for last few years.

I had it right on first night in Seoul and the second one in Jeonju. If it hadn’t for the price, I would have had it every night. Kekekekekeke.

Now, let’s see the first place where I had it, Goindol (고인돌), somewhere around Young Street, near Cheonggyecheon (청계천) , Seoul.

Lived up to its name, samgyeopsal, two portions of 3 layers fatty of porkbelly were served for my friend and I. The layers were tempting from the very first time it was placed in front of us, moreover the cutting was generous. Having samgyeopsal might need a little bit patience since we grilled it ourselves, unless we wanted it raw (but I don’t think anyone would). 😀


The grilling process didn’t take long time, but I was struggle a lot. 😀 😀 The smell of the burning fat was so seducing and it was strengthened by onion, garlic, kimchi, giant mushrooms, and whatever we grilled that night, the process which both made me irritated and amused. However I learned my lesson by it, “don’t come with an empty stomach before having samgyepsal.”


IMG_2979With force patience, in minutes later, samgyeopsal was ready. My friend showed his most favorite way of having it, which was “ssam” (쌈), when he wrapped samgyepsal, onion, garlic, and sauce (I forget the name again) with layer of perrilla leaf and lettuce. That was his ultimate, he said. However, there were various ways of having it, depending on one’s preference.


IMG_2976I tried to have it with each side dish that came along when we ordered samgyeopsal. That too, one thing I really loved when dining in entire South Korea, the various generous portions of side dishes, which could be had as much as we wanted. Oh, heaven! ❤


P1050058The whole side dishes were tasty, but I had to agree with my friend that the best way to have it was ssam way.

Samgyeopsal would be less completed without soju (소주), he said. So we ordered one since I didn’t want to start holiday with hangover and he had his own reason too. 😀

IMG_2978And once again, he was right, soju was a good companion for samgyeopsal (oh, I am drooling now). It lived up the contentment, which made us forget that we had been there for more than two hours.


Let all the fans of this guy faint!!! 😀 😀

How could time flied really fast when we only had samgyeopsal and soju. As far as I remember, we ate more than we talked that night, therefore we then decided to take another stroll along the side of Cheonggyecheon, so our conversation wouldn’t be distracted by any other tempting food, like the whole satisfying and delicious serving of samgyeposal that we just had.  

p1050059.jpgThat, that kind of samgyeopsal that I am craving now. What about you. Do you have one?


29 thoughts on “Craving Samgyeopsal

    1. Tolong yah, fokusnya dibenarkan. kekekekeke. Aku tau, dia lagi naik daun banget wakt aku di sana, banyak banget iklannya. sampai lelah.

    2. Aku cuma iseng2 aja suka2nya karena nntn drama.. ga sampe gila2 banget lah.. hahaha 😀

      Theme baru bagus.. memang selalu suka yang simpel ya… 😀 😀

      Pengen ganti jg tapi masih belom tau ganti apa ya.. hehe

    3. Iyah sama karna drama juga Geth, gak gila2an, cuma kesemsem kalo liat ajah. 😀 ❤
      Iyah, suka yg simple lama kelamaan, ntar dandan dikit ajah, nttah kapan bisa bikin gambar2 lucu di blog kaya punya orang2. Banyak Themes baru2 yang bagus2 dan ratis2 pastinya, kmren juga sampai berapa kali pilih. hehehehe.

    4. Yang penting sih fitur add on kayanya ya.. haha 😀 pengen masukin gambar yang gerak2..halah!! :p

      Iya sama aku jg sukanya musim2an tergantung drama yang lagi heits!! skrg sih lagi suka liat.. taecyeon 2 pm (di drama let’s fight ghost.. ) kerenn haha 😀

    5. udah lama ga gambar yun.. haha palingan nyari2 gif orang.. muhahaha 😀 😀

      nanti theme kalo sempet deh.. awal dan akhir bulan itu paling sibuk di kantor.. ga bisa ngeblog..cma bisa baca2 aja…haha :p

    6. Biasanya emang awal dan akhir bulan paling sibuk, tapi aku lagi gak, ada partner, terbantu.
      Yah, walau lama gak gamabr-gambar, kan skill stays the same Getha, tetap ada. Semangka!! AKu menunggu kapanpun itu. *caileh*

    1. Red one. Huaaaa, i envy you for having something to relieve it. I have nothing here. I think i will force my friends to dine in any Korean restaurant somewhere in Jakarta. 5 days to field break. 🙂

  1. I’m now getting hungry while typing this at 10:57 pm. Hahaha I love that it’s grilled and balanced with some vegetables. But I agree with you, it looks like a lot of effort needed in the grilling process. However, I’m not quite sure with the soju. I once bought a bottle and tried it at home. It was the first and last. Hahahaha

    I love your new blog layout btw 🙂

    1. Wow, hungry at late night. Feel bad for you. kekekekkee
      Indeed, having so many vegetables while eating pork like making it less fatty (self-convincing).
      Ah, soju, i think it onlygood with side dishes, i don’t like having only soju either.
      Thank you, I like it too. 🙂 ❤

    1. Iyah ribet, kayanya sengaja juga, biar rasanya tambah kaya enak banget gitu pas makannya. Aish, hap..hap..ha..kalo dengar itu asa-asa giman gitu yah. 😀 😀

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