Thought on the Road; One Nice Manner

Speaking of craving samgyeopsal on my previous post triggers the appearance of another topic. It’s about that one nice manner that gained my attention during trip to South Korea every time I dined with my Korean friends.

Okay, this blog direction is slowly becoming ‘Yuna’s 12 Days South Korean Random Review’. 😀

I am a person without a complex table manner or etiquette, so that one gesture that will be revealing here was noticed by me due to that reason. It was every time I had meals with my Korean friends; they always prepared and arranged the spoon and chopsticks for me. I noticed it since the first time I was treated that way. I thought my first friend who had dinner with me did it because he might be afraid that I was clueless about where the utensils were and how to use it. Sure, it came to my mind since I didn’t usually do that whenever I ate with anyone and anywhere, whether it was with my parents, family, or friends. What I usually did was, showed them where all the utensils or gave what they needed, but never personally arranged the utensils for any of them. Ah, few times I did it to my dad, if only there were reasons to do so. *Call me rude*.

IMG_3352As I met more Korean friends, the manner and the arrangement were always stayed the same; it started with spoon on the most right side of rice or soup, and then followed by chopsticks. I was flattered at first, but as the time went by, I worried that I troubled them because I thought I could do it myself. 😀 and I also curious whether it was something that someone had to do to another one. I didn’t have any idea; I had no nerve to ask. However, I am honored and appreciated what they did to me. It was one nice and fascinating manner that I wish I could do, but always forgot and was too late to do it.

IMG_3636If a Korean is reading this post, would you mind telling me whether that was a common gesture or manner? By who to whom? Or for one who has been to South Korea, have you ever experienced that? Or the other flattering manners?


17 thoughts on “Thought on the Road; One Nice Manner

    1. Ehhhhh, maafkan my broken English, jadi susah di mengerti. 😀
      Kalo makanannya gak usah diragukan nikmatnya. 😀 😀

    2. Ehm, sayah jadi bingung jawab kalo begini. Tapi aku yakin ini sedang merendah. Tapi ya, enak pake banget. 🙂 🙂

    1. Btw makasih banget loh dihampiri si kakak Cumi lebay yang terkenal seantero Nusantara. *bahagia melambung kembali ke khayangan tanpa selendang* 😀

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