Dan Bandung Bagiku…

BandungMengutip penggalan kalimat di salah satu buku Pidi Baiq yang sangat popular dikalangan penggemarnya dan juga penduduk Bandung, mereka yang lahir di Bandung, atau saja mereka yang pernah tinggal di Bandung sepertiku, dan bisa juga mereka yang pernah menjengguk Bandung walau sebentar namun sebagian hatinya tertinggal di sana.

Selalu ada rasa yang spesial buat Bandung bagiku. Kemanapun aku melangkah, selalu saja ada yang menarikku untuk kembali ke sana walau hanya sebentar. Saat mengunjungi Bandung, walau secara fisik sudah berubah banyak dibandingkan dengan pertama kali aku menapakkan kaki di Bumi Parahyangan itu, tetapi bagiku, rasa yang ada tetap sama. Terutama tempat-tempat yang dulu sering kukunjungi untuk sekedar menikmati waktu bersama teman dan juga memnuhi kewajiban untuk mengisi perut, menjaganya dari kekosongan.

Beberapa tempat yang selalu menarikku kembali ke Bandung bukan tempat-tempat yang mewah, bahkan sangat sederhana, sesederhana memberikan rasa yang dulu pernah ada.

From all of cities in entire Indonesia, there is always special place, somewhere in my heart belongs to Bandung; various special things that keep pulling me back to Bandung over and over again, no matter how far I’ve gone. It is not even something fancy, mostly as simple as memories it keeps.

Alun-alun and Grand Mosque of Bandung




Alun-alun, Grand Mosque of Bandung, and its surrounding were the first points of interest in Bandung that I visited when I first came in 2003. On my early days, I didn’t put much attention to its historical value. I was interested because everything the area could offer; from the cheap daily staples, various delicious snacks and foods, and whatever as a limited budget student wanted to have that time. Ah, there was even small area which was dedicated to second hand books nearby which I treasured the most.

Grand MosqueThe time passes, the popularity of Alun-alun and its surrounding is skyrocketing, thanks to the latest major’s rehabilitation project. It gave this area new fresh, more comfort, and hardly to resist area. It now becomes one of ‘it’ thing in Bandung.

My Campus

KampusNo matter how hard I avoided to re-visiting my campus due to my so-so academic’s track back then, again, there was something hardly describe that loved taking me there. I wondered why.  When mostly my friend went back for academic reasons, I always appeared as those friends companion, for having fun, for tasting again the cheap snacks around, which used to be my savior when I only had as a student were cents.


Various Warungs all over the city

PunclutBandung is renowned for its wide variety of culinary. So, one couldn’t spend a day in Bandung without having belly full with various foods. As far as I remember, every time I drove back to Bandung, there were new café and restaurant built all around the city. However, I kept on going back to the places where I used to be, from the street stalls to my most favorite affordable restaurants, even after tasting how good and cozy the new one was.

Kupat Tahu


Both the taste of food and atmosphere had never changed to me.



My college friends and I were holding a big reunion few weeks ago and every time we were going to have meal together, no one suggested a new place; it was always the same old place. Moreover, the surprising thing was, we always met one or two other groups who had meals there as well. It looked like none of us easily letting the old memories go.



20 thoughts on “Dan Bandung Bagiku…

  1. my sister is crazy about bandung yun’. she once mentioned that she wanted to live in bandung and hope that her husband someday takes her to stay there. I went to bandung for three or four times, I cant remember well. but still it leaves me nothing besides its hectic traffic that looks like jakarta. so if someone asks me to go there, I will remember that it has no different actually with jakarta. but some of my friends love this city I keep wondering what has bandung done to them ?! hahaha … I guess you’re right, we have that one place that leaves us good memories. I havent found it yet 😦

    1. Hahahahha, your friends and sister might have something special about Bandung. They would not like it otherwise, especially due to latest traffic.
      Hahahaha, yes, you might haven’t found it yet.

    1. Nah, emang quotes di dinding itu mengena ke banyak orang sudah, Asti. di bela2in ke titik itu, sabar nunggu mobil yg lewat tak ada habisnya demi foto itu. 😀 😀 *lebay aku*
      Makanannya emang ngangenin.

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