Memory of Seoul on May 15, 2016

11 Pictures, 849 words, under 5 minutes to read. 😀

The rain was persistent, so was my loneliness, and my willingness to spend one last day in Seoul nicely. Moreover, I had dinner appointment with my super nice host, Irina. I didn’t want to miss it. I briskly walked with all of those reasons to the nearest station from where I stood that time. I vaguely remembered where I was.  Blame it to the rain and my bad preparation. About 4 p.m. I hadn’t had my lunch, my always-hungry-belly was demanding again. However, I ignored it. The other minutes which hard to pass both for the load that I bore and food stalls and restaurants along the way to the station, until I finally gave up and went back to a seducing place few steps behind me, and then ordered meals and gave myself a shelter.

img_3196Time was ticking; a move was needed since few attractive places were on my visit list. In minutes later I reached the station, where I headed to Insa-dong via Anguk Station. It didn’t take long time. I should have enjoyed various interesting things around Insa-dong Street such as the museums, art centers and galleries, and everything along the shopping venues, if it wasn’t for the heavier rain.

img_3206I said before about my willingness? I was spending about 45 minutes alone at the exit 6 of Anguk Station. Yes, that time, mine was hardly separated with stupidity because the sky gave no sign of the appearing of the sun, but I kept on waiting, hoping it would appear. I couldn’t tell you how many times I went to the exit 6 for seeing whether the rain stopped or at least got lighter, the uncountable steps I took for going forth and back from exit 6 to the other exits, just to decide whether I needed to stay or took the other rides.

img_3215I also barely remembered how many pictures of paintings which were pasted on the wall’s station that I took and then deleted, then took again in between. I did it all only to feed my curiosity about the well-known Insa-dong Street.



img_3211Remembering dinner appointment stopped me from doing more fussiness. Otherwise, I would have waited there until the last train.  About 6 p.m. and then I realized there was no point of reading the map anymore, since all I had to do was going back home and make a brief stop at Dongdaemun Design Plaza where located on the same subway’s line, still hoping for the rain to stop, which was only in my dream.

img_3230My friend told me that the Park of DDP was something that we couldn’t miss for it gave so many amazing sights. But, like my prediction, no wonderful park for me, only the outdoor performances, shops, and restaurants.  That was one condition that I had no choice but to enjoy it all until Irina’s messages appeared telling me she was ready to meet me somewhere at station close to her home for dinner. Dealt. Another subway for me.

img_3218For all the clumsiness and fussiness, along with the loneliness which weirdly mixed with the wonderful sights, I had that one moment when I felt so moved by Irina as much I felt sorry for her. As I was going down with an elevator, she was standing at the edge of it, trying to dodge the splashing of the rain drops with her umbrella and shivering. I asked her how long she had been waiting for me, which the answer was easily predicted, “just arrived.” Made me felt worse yet moved.

The rain didn’t bring us far; we chose to have it at one of restaurants which filled both sides of the road to home. There were plenty, and strangely we chose this one Japanese restaurant.

img_3235We needed a break from delicious Korean.

img_3237The restaurant was warm and cozy. And the foods were all satisfying. We talked a lot while having our dinners, with one or two pictures in between. From how well we got along, I even didn’t realize there were many years gap between Irina and I.

img_3239The right place with the right companion made us didn’t aware about the time, we spent almost two hours there. Then, we decided to go back home. However, on our way, we felt like having more chat before biding our goodbye. We stop at this one lovely coffee shop that I wrote here one. It was really nice to meet Irina and she has nice personality that was why times that I spent with her whether outside and inside the home were all memorable, which made us hard to say, “let’s end our last hang out day here.” However, we had to and the time was ended there. Walking back home we still talked a lot, including our next plan when she said she wanted to visit Indonesia someday even though as a Russian, she needed a visa to enter Indonesia, and it wasn’t easy for her. That was a nice news to end my last day in Seoul.

Till we meet again. 🙂


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