Why bother English?

Why do you post in English?

I have received few reactions from my friends (of course not the close ones) who finally made their ways to my Little Orange World, which I predicted would appear when I first decided to write this blog in English. That prediction which also made me reluctant to share my blog anywhere on my social media, especially FB (which now is dominated by hatred, politic, and religion views), until about a year ago when I started writing for a travel’s website in English and my editor didn’t edit anything on my articles (for whatever the reason behind it) and then, one of which was shared on the web’s Twitter. That small gesture of them made me a little bit confidence to start sharing my blog for whatever grammar and structural mistakes I have made.

Speaking of English, I had this inferiority about it. I have more than thousand ‘friends’ on my FB, some of which were born and raised somewhere in the world with English as their first language, while the others got their masters or PhD’s somewhere outside the country with English as their classes’ main language. All of those were enough ‘chickening’ me. What’s more, my English was once got corrected in public by my friend with not the nicest way. I was so ashamed that time, even though the event was more than 10 years ago. The others might forget it, but me. However since that time, I have self-studied English more (I don’t like classes).

img_0001You might say I haven’t tried my best or pushed my limit for studying English, which also is confusing me whether I am or not. Please don’t tell me that for some people there is a limit for the brains’ capacity or for understanding something because for more than a decade, I have always brought one thick grammar book that published by Oxford to everywhere I went (excluding while traveling abroad).

img_4655Until now, I have studied the book over and over again, when I was so lazy I opened it one time a week, but if I was on fire, 3 or 4 times a week, I ever studied an entire week. Besides that, I have maintained to read any English book once at least after two books in Bahasa Indonesia, to learn how they all wrote nicely.

img_4652However, I think I am stuck somewhere at some point. Last year, I took TOEFL ITP twice (they said it was the easiest one) and my scores didn’t go anywhere far from first test to the second one. Even though I (thought) studied really hard in between.

I am going nowhere.

The most recent even was, I wrote for other travel website in English. It finally got published a week after I sent it to my editor. I was delighted seeing my first article was published even though I didn’t get paid for it (I got points). However, when I started reading it, it seemed to me that article wasn’t mine, except few lines and pictures. It got edited here and there. A lot of editing. I was so surprised and confused. However, I didn’t get ashamed anymore. That was one nice way to correct me.

At the end, I have to admit that I still have a pile of English’s homework.

One of my reasons of writing in English is improvement, but I don’t think I do it significantly.

img_9397So for anyone who has been following, reading, commenting, or whatever interaction you did on my humble blog for almost 4 years, I want to say this classic and same old apology letter and send my gratitude for bearing with my English, my broken structure, and my grammar mistakes. Thank you and I am opened with any correction and improvement suggestion. 🙂

With love,

❤ Yuna 

24 thoughts on “Why bother English?

  1. About 6 years ago, I also built english travelling blog. But for some reasons, like missing target and goal, I decided to close the blog and moved to this one. Sometimes, my hand challanges me to write in english. Hm.. 😎

  2. don’t be so hard to yourself, dear 🙂 . no matter how hard we try, how much we learn, like it or not, we have to be able to accept that we cannot master this language as it’s not our mother tounge. but, lucky to know, even the natives they sometimes make mistakes, so don’t worry about whether I’m already good at it or not. the positive point of knowing we haven’t good yet in learning it is just to make ourselves see that english is rich. and we want to know more about it. just keep writing. one of the reasons I follow your blog is because this blog is written in english. forguve me for not correcting your grammar for I’m also a learner 🙂

    1. Hug hug hug hug.
      Thank you mba Evy for your kind words and supporting. I like every bit of it.
      Wish to meet you in person. Since I follow you for the content. 🙂 ❤

  3. ” especially FB (which now is dominated by hatred, politic, and religion views)”

    can’t agree more with this statement… #lahsalahfokus 😀 😀 😀
    i think your english was pretty good… nothing wrong with that.. 😀

    Gimana kalo ganti kita posting pake bahasa korea atau jepang? gak inggris lagi?? hihihihi :p

  4. Ini juga salah satu peer buat aku, dari baca buku bahasa inggris sampai menulis dalam bahasa inggris terus improve my conversation skill.

    The easier way to learn speaking in English is when you are surrounding by people who talking in English. No doubt your English will be improve. One problem that could be happening is no one care about your grammar as long as you and them understand each other or someone might be corrected your vocabulary all the time.

    and i agree with your friends, your english skill is GOOD.. 🙂

    1. Ini selalu jadi peer yah.
      Nah, conversation aku lebih belibet lagi. Kaya ini grammar-nya pake apa yah, sinkronisasi otak dan otot bibir gak bagus. 😀
      Some people cares, but I am supposed to have this ‘who cares’ manner, which sometimes is just hard to do. 🙂
      Thank you Inly, for whatever you said here. Nice to hear any feedback. 🙂

  5. For us with no formal education in the English language and no experience of studying for an extended time overseas where English is the main language, I think it’s always a challenge to push ourselves to use the language, hahaha… #highfive

    When I write in English I do it simply because I love it (terlepas dari grammarnya bener apa ngga wakaka). Most of the times there are feelings that can only be properly conveyed using a specific language (or maybe it’s just the way our brains work.. hmm). I’ve been reading a lot of novels in English language these last few years but when I read my blog again, and comparing the newer posts to the much older posts, I feel like my English is deteriorating instead #jambakrambut

    I don’t even know whyyyyy… but even so, I can’t help but to keep writing 😀
    Mari terus berusaha bersama, Yuna 😀 ganbarimashou ❤

  6. As someone who is a native English speaker, I never realised how much of an advantage I have and I never truly appreciated this until I moved to Germany.

    English is not an easy language to learn. Our pronunciation doesn’t match our spelling which is confusing, our prepositions make no sense and we have lots of different accents and dialects.

    The fact you can write this well in English is something to be proud of. Most of the English people I know can’t speak even the basics of a second language. You’re doing well! 🙂

    1. Yes, that’s again the miss-match of spelling, pronunciation, and also hundreds dialects. Oh it gave me headache. 😀 😀
      Oh Abi, thank you for your nice words, I’ll take that as compliment. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  7. I think blogging and work is different thing. Like we can write bad things on blog but need to write good paper for work. So I get what you mean. I think the fastest way to improve English, is to chat with native speaker, watch English movie without subtitles and read English novels or newspaper daily. But whatever, I like write in my own way. Don’t be harsh to yourself. It takes time to improve😉

  8. Dulu awal bikin blog, pengen pake bahasa inggris biar pembacanya bisa dari mana aja. Tapi baru awal nulis, trus bingung, ya uda akhirnya bahasa indonesia terus. Hehe. Semangat ya Yuna.

    1. Makasih Dine (kayanya saat nulis ini paling nyaman nyebut nama kamu begini) 🙂

      Wuaa makasih yah supportnya, yang sama-sama nulis blog, biasanya reaksinya berupa support begini. Senang. Makasih
      Jangan berhenti menulis! 🙂

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