Pulau Rubiah and (Little) Thought on Modeling

12 pictures.

Thank to my first snorkeling experience in Derawan Islands which slowly makes me realize that more beautiful things exist underwater than my fear. I did my second snorkeling a month ago, at the tip of Sumatera Island; Pulau Weh, precisely Pulau Rubiah.

I hardly describe how I was overwhelmed by the awesome underwater view despite of the unfriendly weather and little bit fear that did not leave me completely.


p1060875Great view even from above, they named it “Batik Karang” due to its pattern that resembles Batik’s pattern.

p1060918I wondered about more amazement that would have happened to me, if only I completely free of fear. The pictures that I shared here were only taken at the classic guided routes, which had been done by so many visitors. Those pictures spots and views might be seen thousands time from the other visitors; however it was still an amazing experience for me.

My nice and super patient guide once asked me if I wanted to go farther and deeper, but I resisted it. I chose the recommended easy routes and spots instead.

p1060888There were four designated photograph spots.

dscn0350At first I thought that taking picture underwater (especially when it was shallow) was an easy task. But when I started mine at the first spot, slowly I realized that it wasn’t easy as it might seem before, and then it growth my admiration to models who had done underwater shots. They are something. I wouldn’t have liked their thousands posted pictures on Instagram for granted. And I am not going to take it for granted anymore. They are really something.

dscn0282Back to my story, besides the wonderful sights that Pulau Rubiah had offered to me and two other visitors, the price was reasonable and cheaper than one that I did in Derawan.

p1060986It was also close to civilization, which made me able to have a bowl of boiled noodle and Aceh’s coffee in between and still accompanied by the exquisite view of its surrounding while the breeze of Hindian Ocean was playing with my hair.




Adding to that, it was all sweetly ended by the meeting of me and Nemo (I know I know its name is not Nemo, but I love calling it, Nemo). Finding Nemo was the only time I pushed myself to dive a little (just little) bit deeper and farther.



14 thoughts on “Pulau Rubiah and (Little) Thought on Modeling

    1. Iyah, apalagi pas lihat langsung, Asti. Bagusnya setiap orang yang aku temui di pulau kecil itu sadar kalo alam itu mata pencaharian mereka jadi di jaga. 🙂

    1. Iyaah Getha, makanya di bela-belain ke sana. 🙂
      Gak, aku numpang sama satu keluarga yang nyewa kapal. Guidenya aja yang barengan.

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