Tokyo Tower and My Incompleteness

Let’s go to Tokyo Tower before continuing my (seems unfinished) stories of South Korea.

img_1611You might be aware that I am this typical person who loves the free or cheap rides at the same amount how I enjoy seeing the icons or landmarks of a city. If I miss that while visiting a country, especially if it’s easily accessed, I would feel slightly troubled, one of which was Tokyo Tower.

During my first trip to Japan, back then in 2013, my travel mates and I planned to see Tokyo Tower from few recommended free and accessible spots in Tokyo.

First we did it from one of the most popular spot in Shinjuku; observation decks of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which was once the tallest building in Tokyo before new building overtook the throne. It have been recommended as one of the spot to have 3600 view of Tokyo for FREE. What’s more, if someone has this lucky charm with him/her, a glance to the snow covered peak of beautiful Mount Fuji is promised from a far.

However, luck wasn’t my thing; the city was covered with quite thick haze during that time. Mount Fuji was unseen. Tokyo Tower could be seen, but we needed closer look. We tried to have a better view the next day, and then Roppongi Hills came to mind. We went there at night after admiring the beauty of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture.

img_0586We walked to Roppongi Hills on the next day, but something hinder us from entering the view deck, let’s say the frugality. Once the staff mentioned the admission fee, it popped up and told me that I could have a bowl of savory tonkatsu ramen with few additional slices of pork belly with that amount money. I refused the idea, so did my friends. They might not think about ramen, but something else.

20130427_204813We were about going back home, but the spring wind that night was so strong and unusually cold, so we decided to have hot drinks while waiting it got calmer at Roppongi Hills because we completely run out of idea about what to do around that luxurious shopping and entertainments building. At least (thank God), finally we used the time for having conversation, which was nice and nothing about travel, but ourselves.

img_1310That was how my friends and I ended our last night in Tokyo. When the previous days were filled with glorious new experiences, the ending felt like something missing. Incomplete. I talked about it to Liz and she agreed with me. We then jokingly said that it was a sign for booking another ticket to Tokyo. Who knows?

Yes, who knew that later I booked other return tickets to Japan with different travel-mates; the same cities and a bit different routes? But one thing unchanged was Tokyo Tower still on my list. I might be a little bit pushy to my friends for asking a closer look to Tokyo Tower, even when the weather wasn’t friendly enough to leisurely walk to that city’s landmark.

tokyo-tower1I felt grateful for both Eneng and Engeng for walking through the rain that night with me. I won’t tell here about the detailed, but finally we reached the tower that took our time and energy. But it was a nice and memorable trip.





9 thoughts on “Tokyo Tower and My Incompleteness

  1. Wahhh, isi blog-nya kerennnnnn.
    Rasanya walau belum diberi kesempatan keliling negara lain, tapi dengan baca blog0nya Mbak Yunita, lumayan me-refresh mata sejenak dibalik layar laptop kerjaan.

    Salam kenal dari bloggers Bandung.
    Mudah-mudahan saya juga bisa ada waktu n rejeki utk bisa liburan dan jalan-jalan lagi ^_^


    1. Makasih mba Lana, blognya mba Lana jauh lebih menarik. Amin amin.
      Salam kenal. Aku juga dulu di Bandung sekitar 6 tahun mba. 😀 *info penting banget*

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