My Weekends

Apart from my holidays, my daily life is apparently plain. It’s a 7 to 5 work life with little myself time after dinner. Not much to do with those remains hours after working hours. Only on the weekends I get additional one or two hours depends on how early we leave the office, which is influenced by the big boss.

img_6804With that additional time, I often spent it with an afternoon walk (and the walk depends on the weather). It always be the same route because we only have that one province road in our neighborhood, which isn’t an easy road (at least) for me because I need to share the road with any kind of light and heavy vehicles, and what’s more (annoying), I have to share it with so many nonchalant motorcyclists.

img_6862Like this afternoon, I was walking leisurely after taking few pictures of this one type of tree that I noticed had always changed its leaves color on September, fallen, and then grown new leaves (which gave me the scent of an autumn somewhere in the four seasons countries), when a man riding a motorcycle without helmet suddenly tried to reach me from his motorcycle while shouting at me with that annoying smirk on his face. I really hate that kind of expression and attitude. I encountered this few times.  I still have no idea why some people so bother seeing a person walking leisurely on one nice afternoon. I hope they mind their own business, but throw those words loudly at me. That was really annoying act. I tried to ignore him with all my might.

I walked still. Try to enjoy the nice weather with the bright blue sky. It was much better than that annoying man.

img_6554This kind of leisure walk of mine usually end at dusk. I set it that way because I often saw the stunning sight of the sky around that time. Just like this afternoon.


What about you? How’s your weekends?

10 thoughts on “My Weekends

  1. I’m curious about your worklife 🙂 Or perhaps I have read it already in one of your blog posts. Blame my poor memory. Hahaha

    Ever since I turned 30, my weekends were spent at home. My energy level gradually diminished on weekends. I automatically turn to hibernation mode on weekend. I don’t care if I imprison myself at home. I’m recovering from a week long work

    1. No no, you have a good memory, Diane. I never post the whole story about my worklife, I posted mostly bad things about it, like the annoying coworkers, etc (talking bad about them, evil me)
      Oh, I think that what we, 30ies group, do, weekend for recovery. 😀
      Walking on weekends like an exercise to me. A little exercise.

  2. those people are just jealous because we can enjoy what the world provides for us while they can’t. well, not to all people God gave the chance to see His works like He did to you 🙂

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