Hozenji Yokocho and Hozenji Temple

Both Hozenji Yokocho and Temple in Osaka appeared on my mind after reading a site dedicated for travelling spots all over Japan.  Hozenji Temple is part of Hozenji Yokocho which is located only few minutes away from Dotonbori Area, but definitely gives different vibe with that one of most popular shopping and entertainment districts in Osaka.

hozenjialley5I remember that day, my friends and I just got our stomachs full of meals at Kuromon Ichiba Market, and then we decided to walk up to Dotonbori. We all impromptu took a shortcut that slowly turned out to be an area filled with narrow yet clean and tidy lanes, where on both sides of its stone-pave lane were filled with quaint small cluster bars and restaurants.


hozenjialley2Although the restaurants looked small from the outside, all were looked lavish, which made us, limited budget visitors, refrained from entering it. We only passed it by and then continued marching to Dotonbori.


hozenjialley1Later I found out the name of that small alley is Hozenji Yokocho and it’s dominated by splurge Japanese restaurants and bars, which are popular among the local public figures.

hozenjialley6The alley wasn’t long, and at the end of it there was a tiny temple that crowd with visitors. It was Hozenji Temple, one popular Buddhist temple and had been received so many visitors who made wish by splashing some water to deity Fudomyo, a little bit different procedure with the others. That water splash later made the statue filled with moss, and then becomes its special feature.

hozenjitempleIf you have ever visited Dotonbori, you might be like me, was slightly surprised by the existence of that calm and charming Hozenji Yokocho and its temple, which is located only few steps away from the dazzling Dotonbori area.

What do you think about both Hozenji Yokocho and Temple?

8 thoughts on “Hozenji Yokocho and Hozenji Temple

    1. Hi Derrick,
      ah so that’s why I didn’t see u for awhile. Welcome back, and I am gaining the mood again here. 🙂 for blogging. 🙂

    1. Yes Jex, just made a brief visit to your post. You are 11? cool! Will see your posts again. 🙂 *thumbsUp

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