My 7 Picks in Sokcho

WP team notified me that it had been 5 months since I last posted something on my L.O.W. So here I am, will bring something from South Korea; Sokcho. I brought back not only thousands picture from my trip to Sokcho, but also numerous stories from that one of most northern cities in South Korea. I was roamed around the city from north to the south, and also its western part to the east. I have seen a lot and been to various places around the city. However, this time, instead of sharing one by one my whole story, I only choose my 7 most favorite spots/activities in Sokcho.

  1. Yeongnang Lake (영랑호)

Finding and reaching Yeongnang Lake from where I stayed in Sokcho was an easy task, but getting out from the Yeongnang Lake area was stressful. Since I came there by walking, I didn’t have any idea that I had to go back to the place where I came, which was annoying  considering how long the walk-able outer route of the lake was. However, my lack of information that time doesn’t hinder me to place Yeongnang Lake as my number 7 favorite place in Sokcho.

I still vividly remember how I enjoyed the tranquil feeling that I got while walking along the lake side while enjoying both people’s exercise activity and striking view of that huge lake. Or the same feeling when I stopped at the top of Beombawi Rock, which was claimed as the second of 8 best scenery spots in Sokcho. I later knew from my friend that Sokcho citizen came to the lake mostly for exercise, either cycling or jogging.

  1. Bogwangsa Temple (부광사)

On my way to Yeongnang Lake, I made a brief stop at Bogwangsa temple. The temple wasn’t that famous. I noticed it marked on Sokcho’s Tourist Map; however people didn’t mention this temple while talking about Sokcho. So, I made my own way to Bogwangsa. It was nestled between the greenery hilly area and the tall apartment’s complex. I needed more effort to reach Bogwangsa because its slightly hidden location. But once I arrived, I was amazed by its beautiful arrangement of small garden and the quaint wooden building, even though I saw a quit new reclining Buddha statue outside the building.

  1. Cheongcho Lake and its surrounding (청처호)

Sure on the list for all Chengcho Lake and its surrounding could offer. It has strategic position in the heart of the city, few lookouts to the entire city (EXPO Tower) and specific to the lake. Although I didn’t try it because of the un-matched schedule, there was a lookout for bird migration. Park and light exercise area were provided near the lake. It’s a nice public space. The lake is adjacent to the main sea, Donghae.

  1. Sokcho Municipal Museum and Cultural Village of the Displaced (속초시립박물관·속초실향민문화촌)

Riding bus a little bit to the western part of the city, I visited Sokcho Municipal Museum and Cultural of the Displaced, where I was well informed about the history and culture of Sokcho city, including its people, especially the unique culture related to North Korea, when it was once part of the North’s history. Adding to that, at the top of the building there was another lookout to the city, which was amazing sight.

Besides the museum and the mini village, there was also Balhae History Hall, introducing to more than 200 hundreds year history of the Balhae Dynasty.

What’s more, on my way back from the museum, I saw un-mapped small Hanok village (Korean traditional houses). The village was really quit; however it was a nice encounter.

  1. Sokcho Lighthouse Observatory (속초 등대 전망대)

Forget about those hundreds steep steps which led visitor to the peak of the hill because I thought all the hike was worth taken, once I arrived at the top, where Sokcho Lighthouse Observatory was standing sturdy. The observation deck provided the visitors with 3600 view of Sokcho city; from the peaks of Seoraksan National Park at the west to the striking sight of Donghae along with its wave’ crusher’s cluster at the east. No wonder it was declared as best of the best scenery lookout of Sokcho city.

  1. Seoraksan National Park (설악산국립공원)

Seoraksan National Park is one of the strongest reasons why people have come to Sokcho city for years. Seoraksan was Designated as National Park in 1970 and years later, in 1982 it was anointed as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. People might come to Seoraksan for various reasons such as, its wide variance of flora and fauna, for the love of conquering the peaks with the mountains’ various hardness routes, or many other causes, however I came to feed my own tropical life’s hunger for the beauty of foliage it was promised in autumn. It was mentioned as one of the best in the country. Even though I didn’t come to the foliage’s peak, I was satisfied with what I saw especially when I hiked all the way to one of its most favorite peaks, Ulsanbawi.

tarara… 😀 😀 ❤

  1. Jungang Market

Seoraksan might be the most famous thing that brought people to Sokcho, but for me it was Jungang Market or later known as Sokcho Fishery Market (속초관광수산시장) that taken the first place in my heart. It was all about Sokcho delicacies that hardly found in the other cities in entire South Korea. If you found one, the taste was said would be different. There was a lane inside Jungang Market that dedicated to the ready-to-eat dishes, which were mostly finger snacks. During my trip there, I only had one day without visiting Jungang Market. I visited it day and night and there wasn’t a time the market was empty, ah except that day when I came too early, when mostly stall were still closed.

When I was there, the market was always full with the domestic visitors which made it was more amusing for me. Unlike the other places mention here, I’d love to visit Jungang Market again and again, if I come again to Sokcho, for both food and atmosphere.

So, the list ends here. I’d love to hear anything about this post. Or have you been to Sokcho? Did you like it there? Or any story?

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    1. Thank you, Cheryl. Yes, yes, it’s supposed to be in South Korea’s list to visit. 🙂 Wish you can visit it someday.

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