My 6 Picks of Sokcho’s Food

It’s food’s time. Yes, I cannot leave this place food-less. 😀

Various reasons have driven people came to Sokco, one of which is its signature dishes.

I met few Korean who lived outside Sokcho and came to the city only for its food. There even these guys who didn’t go to any ‘attraction’ spots in the city, but few restaurants, only to try Sokcho’s signature dishes. They said it would be different if they tried it outside Sokcho. However I didn’t dare to try their food list since all were quite expensive for me. 😀

So, here my 6 most favorite food while in Sokcho

  1. Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) at Chinese Food Restaurant

I don’t think this is Sokcho’s signature dish since Chinese food restaurant can be found anywhere in the country, however, I put it on my list because of its delicious taste and affordable price. I tried jjajangmyeon, and it was satisfying with only black sauce and basic side dish. This store’s affordable price made me having it few times. 😀 ❤

below few drinks from the restaurant.

  1. Sundaegukbap  (순대국밥)

Sundae soup with rice.

I think sundaegukbap has become my new addiction since I first visited South Korea, so I loved having it anywhere in the South Peninsula. I tried Sundaegukbap in Sokcho Bus Terminal. It had the smallest round of sundae that I ever tried, however the taste was savory and the owner put most slices of pork than the others, so I didn’t dare to whine. The portion was like usual, amazingly generous with various tasty side dishes (one more thing I love about Korean food, limitless FREE side dishes) 😀 What’s more, the price was affordable. A serving which was worth the whole ₩on spent.

  1. Ojingeo Sundae (오징어 순대 )

One of Sokcho’s highlight. I first didn’t care about this food being on a-must-try-list, however,  it was noticeable. I found it was widely sold in Sokcho, especially around Jungang Market. So, I tried it anyway. Borrowing the name of sundae, ojingeo sundae is actually a squid stuffed. I liked the brilliant mixture of various delicious fillings inside the fresh gigantic squid.

  1. Dolsot Bibimbap/Hot stone pot bibimbap(돌솥 비빔밥)

It’s hard to avoid all the temptation in one bowl of bibimbap, which is accompanied by various tasty and fresh side dishes. So, I maintained to always had one, while in its origin country. The one that I had in Sokcho was located crossed to the exit gate of Sokcho Bus Terminal. The place was humble and simple; however it served the fulfilling hot stone pot bibimbap. The tasty rice was satisfyingly mixed with various fresh local’s vegetables. Moreover, the unstoppable stream of 7 delicious side dishes added the enjoyment of eating a complete good meal.

  1. Sweet and sour fried Chicken (닭강정)

There was numerous fried chicken sold in Sokcho, especially at Jungang Market (Sokcho Fishery Market), however these two brands; Sokcho (속초닭강정) and Masuk Dalkangjung (만석닭강정) whose boxes were easily found, even on the top of Seorak Mountain were the two most favorite in town. Although, I couldn’t specifically tell the difference in taste, my Korean friends suggested only these two. The soft buttered fried chicken with delicious sweet sauce, which came with various level of spiciness suddenly became a new companion’s addiction to my friends and I late night conversation, along with bottles of beer and soju. It’s perfectly blended.

  1. Sundubu Jjigae (순두부찌개 / soft tofu stew)

Is said as one of Korea’s most representative traditional dishes, and enjoyed nationwide. For the sake of having sundubu in its dedicated village, Haksapyeong Sundubu Village, I didn’t mind having more than 30 minute walk under the bright sun’s ray of Sokco in autumn and waiting almost half hour for the bus on my way back, alone.

Later, it turned out as one of my best walk in Sokcho, once I tasted the simple Sundubu Jjigae. The tofu was soft and the broth was simply tasty. The various side dishes enhanced the richness’ taste of the whole meal. It was satisfying and fulfilling. Adding to that, the price was reasonable. Nothing’s to dislike about Sundubu jjigae. I’d love to have it again and again.

Which one do you want to taste?

Do have different food experience in Sokcho?


5 thoughts on “My 6 Picks of Sokcho’s Food

  1. Mmmm foto2nya menggiurkan. Temen deketku disini dulu orang amerika keturunan Korea, sering banget masak2in jjajangmyeon sama soondubu chigae, itu favorit, tp klo disodorin yg lain2 jg pasti disantap

    1. Selalu menyenangkan klao ada temen yang suka masak2, apalagi masakan tradisional. Hehehe, sini juga gitu, semua makanan masuk. 😀

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