7 Possible Ways to Enjoy La Alpujarra

As I mentioned on my previous post, La Alpujarra offers various ways of making my long and thrilling journey is worth taking. I might not be able to do all of it; however, on my own list, at least there are 7 possible ways to make a trip to La Alpujarra is enjoyable.

  • Go white

La Alpujarra1

Wondering around the wide or narrow lanes of each small white dominated village is something that I’ve really wanted to do since I first came here. I wonder how prettier it could be from closer distance. As far as I remember, one of few books I’ve read about La Alpujarra, mentioned that there were fifties small white villages ready to explore, and each village had its own story to tell. So tempting!!

  • Tailing the historic building

Yes, tailing the historic building all over the region, if I have the chance to do so in the future.

La Alpujarra2

  • Wine testing from various Bodegas

Definitely is a must thing to do, at least for me who two weeks ago, decided to hop in to a bus all the way from the north part of Spain to these southern mountains. Because of its wine, I put aside the other offers and chose this area instead. Besides that, La Alpujarra holds important role for producing one of the best wines in Spain (or world?) However, when I came, I had to calmly compromise that this is not the wine making season, but young vines’ training season.

Still, I’ve once seen the owner of this vineyard’s bodega and have tasted its red and white wine few times. 😀 😀 *salute*

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  • Munching out

Local food tasting is also a must, actually anywhere I go, as long as it is affordable. It’s not different here, especially while considering there might be a fusion of Arabian and Europe recipes. I still have no idea about that kind of food, but I will find out soon.

During my trip in Spain, there is an eye-catching thing related to food; Jámon [ham-mon]. This is an important export product of La Alpujarra Alpujarra. So I want to taste it (so bad) while in this district.

Jámon (jámon Serrano) is air-cured ham, literally from the sierra (mountains). Air conditions and the micro-flora existing in the Sierra Nevada enable the drying of ham without the injection of salts or preservatives and without cooking. Pig killings are traditionally timed for January or December to take advantage of the cool months when the ham is young. Ham is eaten after 12 or more months of drying. They have a layer of fat and larded over them to protect them from surface infection while on display/drying. Curing is one of the most valuable businesses of the Alpujarra although pigs are raised everywhere else. (Jeremy Rabjohns, 2006).

Besides that, La Alpujarra is known for its farm product, two of which are olive and chestnut. So I think the area will make a good food from those basic products. Olive oil is surprising really cheap and good in this area, it becomes a necessity.

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  • Hiking/Trekking

This is probably among the most loved activities to do in La Alpujarra. As I mentioned earlier, the region is extended from the west to the east part of southern slope of Sierra Nevada, consists of various heights summit, with its highest peak towering up to 3,478 meter above sea level and many 3000s meter high other summits. I think those kind offerings can shake the adrenaline of the adventurous out there.

Trekking Alpujarra

Numerous choices of designated hiking routes are provided and divided into at least 3 categories; hard (up to 50 km long), medium (10-50 km long), and local (less than 10 km). The choices depend on one’s fitness.


  • Go picnic

I did this on my first day off and it was great.


The southern Spain has more sun during this season and the place where I am staying now, at 1000 something meter above sea level, has the clean and fresh air, with mild temperature; my perfect combination for an enjoyable picnic. So on one bright day, I had picnic under the shade of leafy chestnut tree, with the two highest peaks of Sierra Nevada as my view, while the mild breeze of the highland calming my tired body and worn out muscles. No other pleasing outdoor activity than that for someone like me who is not so into hiking stuff.

  • Joining any fiesta!!!

One of various things that Spanish good at is fiesta a.k.a. party. I’ve heard and read about this a lot. They do live up a party to another level, which makes me eager to join any party they have, especially on those harvest times. I am curious how festive it would be!

As I am writing this, I can only come up with these 7 possible ways. I hope it can grow more or you can share your thought in the comment’s colom below.

Enjoy! ❤

11 thoughts on “7 Possible Ways to Enjoy La Alpujarra

    1. those are indeed huge ones, when I compare it to the time I was having it, the slices were thin as paper. So contrast. kekekeke 😀 😀
      Do you have a link for the roasted pig, I almost always had grilled one for dinner. It’s the same? like BBQ?

    2. It’s pretty much the same except for the spices they use, I think. I’m drooling over that crispy skin right now! hahaha

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