Korean Friends and Food in Seoul

Yes, I am in Seoul again for the third time. I am not over with the city. A month ago, when I was somewhere in Spain, I wished I could have visited other cities, but Seoul neither Tokyo for my long break, so I could get more stamps on my passport, 😀 however, here I am again and in a week, I am going to Tokyo (again), so more countries stamps would not happen in the near future.

Something in Seoul that keeps me coming back again and again, two of which are the food and my friends in this city who are worth visiting. Recently, Korean food is widely known everywhere, but to have it in Seoul or any other cities in the peninsula is so much different, especially when I have it with my friends who share the same interest about Korean food.

Having Korean food is always satisfying for me, and to have it with my friend makes it even more pleasing. For that reasons, I want to share my list of delicious food that I’d better not having it than eating alone, without my friends every time I visit Seoul.

Note: this is not suitable for someone who doesn’t like the idea of digging food from the same plate or bowl (I used to be that person).

Chimaek (치맥)

The winning combination of chicken (치킨) and beer (맥주), which is later abbreviated as chimaek (치맥) is definitely on my first list since I first had it in Jeju, two years ago.

IMG_2853Before I had it, I’d never given any attention to any fried chicken in South Korea. However, once the owner of the guesthouse where I stayed that time introduced me to chimaek, it later becomes my new found addiction. As far as I seen, there are so many chimaek places all over Seoul, especially the area which is surrounded by universities. I barely saw those places were empty. The (usually secret) various taste of sauce fried chicken is commonly served in big portion, which makes it a choice for having a group dining time. What’s more, as far as I remember, I have never had bad chimaek, it was only savory crunchy or delicately sweet. Adding to that, the bitterness of the cheapest beer matched well with those kinds of taste. Always fulfilling. No matter how my mood before having chimaek, it later turned into something nice. It made the atmosphere that I always had while having it with my friends  always turned in to something pleasing . 😀 ❤ I highly recommended to try any chimaek in Seoul, whether you are alone or in group.

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Bingsu (빙수)

The authentic Bingsu (빙수)is said as a shaved ice dessert topped with boiled red beans (팥빙수) and it’s a cheap one. Later, as the development and creativity is overwhelming, bingsu turns in to something expensive. Many times the price of a serving of bingsu cost more than a casual main Korean dishes. Sulbing is one of the most popular places that I’ve been to. It serves a big portion of modified bingsu, too big to be shoved by a person. So, since it often comes with huge portion, this dessert is a good choice for the second round and also sharing-kind-of-food.


Just make sure the tastiness keep the amount of your scoops are balance with the other, unless they offer you more. KKKKKK. 😀 😀

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Samgyeopsal (삼겹살)


It might be weird for having samgyeopsal in a restaurant alone for many Korean (CMIIW), but for me, the reason for having it with friend is, it’s always merrier to share the three layers joyfulness in every thick slice of grilled pork over glasses of plain soju.  😀 😀

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Kimbab (김밥)

Kimbab can always be shared, considering how easy the cut pieces to be shared. However, for me it’s an on-go-food, the food that I have when I am in rush and need to bite it one by one, on the way, unseen or unnoticed (because it’s usually inappropriate to eat while walking). Until last week, I met a gorgeous blog friend, later I call friend (without blog suffix). She introduced me to a place where it’s possible to have kimbab and comfortably chat with friends. The place of course cozy, the small pieces of kimbab, yet fulfilling is suitable to fill my hungry stomach, but still keep me focus on our conversation.


Samgyetang (삼계탕)

P1080872A bowl of samgyetang might be served enough for a person since the size of the chicken usually fixes for it, nevertheless, I tried to share it once with friend, and it was really good; the moment when you gave the drumsticks part to your friend because you prefer the wings, or the opposite. Or when you wanted to have only one piece of each drumstick and wing because two would make you full, remembering all the overwhelming and tempting side dishes which came along with your samgyetang.

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Jeon (Pajeon, 파전)

IMG_2957For me, Jeon is simple as fried buttered (pancake), and pa is scallion. All of any kind of jeon, I would love to have the simple pajeon, without any other additional ingredient, let say any seafood (haemul pajeon, 해물파전), one of the most popular additional fillings to your jeon. As the drinking culture in South Korea is amazing, usually each dish has its own good match, and for my pajeon, I like having it with one or few bowls of flavorless makgeolli (막걸리), with friends.


The moment we share problems while digging small bites of pajeon served on the wide plate with various sauces is always enjoyable and unforgettable; the taste so much different with having gorengan over glasses of bitter tea in Bandung, although the foods seem similar to me.


I don’t have any idea, how they found it, but, yes, the slightly oily Pajeon and thick makgeolli are a much much so much better match made in Korea than match made on Tind*r. 😀 😀 😀

I have my list done for now, it might be getting longer in the future. What about you? Do you have some foods that you’d love to share with friends than have it alone?


18 thoughts on “Korean Friends and Food in Seoul

  1. Are you in Korea right now? I wouldn’t suggest eating chicken or egg. Just wanna let you know that recently, there has been a high alert for avian flu. 😊

    1. Ah really? I’ve never heard about the issue. Thank you for letting me know, my Korean friend brought me there. 🙂 ❤
      I wish I am fine, so does everyone else. Btw, where are you now?

  2. Yampun rajin bener ya ke Kroya.. eh Korea.
    Btw soal makanan, ku suka kimbimbab.. suka kerak-kerak nasi haha

    Kamis ini bakal ke Seoul nich, bagi tips dong kak..

  3. Aww!!! So Sweet, Yuna. I really liked the way you described me. lol…It was fun meeting you and chat about everything that we cared about. I wish we could have spent more time together!

  4. Your posts gave me mouth-watering now! 🙂
    Anyway, I have recently published a post about Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Mongolia. I hope you check it out 🙂 Thanks

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