The Faces of Shibuya

When you pay a visit to Tokyo, I think a stop to Shibuya would be hardly avoided. Shibuya Crossing is hardly separated from Shibuya itself, however, there is much more to enjoy in Shibuya than its extremely popular and populated crossing and Hachiko statue. Below are few pictures about Shibuya that I frequently visit at afternoon or night.


Tsutaya Bookstore

Now, I bravely claim that Tsutaya bookstore is my most favorite place in Shibuya area. Taking few floors for selling or renting stuffs like CD, DVD, and books, Tsutaya bookstore, especially its 6th floor, gave me a completely different calming and relaxing atmosphere compared to the hectic Shibuya station and crossing that facing it.

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The café on the 6th floor was dominated with fashion and architecture books, which weren’t my favorite choices, however, I really loved how they presented the concept of book café. Yeah, the alcohol providing part might be a slightly unmatched match with the books, but I still could enjoy my hours reading Japanese culture books, accompanied by a cup of coffee.

Bohemian Bar

Nestled at the narrow street somewhere in Shibuya, Bohemian Bar is a place when you want to taste a little bit Turkey in Japan, manifested in its design. Providing spacious open space to enjoy various flavors of Shisha and also alcohol, Bohemian could be your runaway spot from all those Japanese stuff.

IMG_3397Love Hotel Hill

Is it widely known that Shibuya is one of few places in metropolitan Tokyo that comes in mind when we are talking about the city’s nightlife. The streets are filled with plenty of entertainment spots, bars, restaurants, and the most distinctive one is its Love Hotel Hill. Catching up with its name, Love Hotel Hill is indeed crowd with many places where you can share your time with your love one. Within walk-able distance to the popular Shibuya crossing, I once had a sneak peak to this area. It delivered a little bit atmosphere to its glittering surrounding; lesser sparkling over-sized neon and lesser noisy. It wasn’t my favorite, but a glance to it, was enough to feed my curiosity.


Takeshita Dori

When I first visited this street, more than three years ago, I came for its famous unique street fashion, lining of interesting distinctive shops that formed the lively ambiance. Lately, I wasn’t sure, what was in Takeshita Dori, that kept me visiting the street that lied about 400 meter long and nestled between the edge of Harajuku and Shibuya area because on my latest two visit, although the vibe stayed lively as before, something had changed, especially the parade of unique and amusing ‘live’ street fashion. I barely saw many people with amusing extreme sense of fashion as before.

Meiji Shrine

MeijiShrineAfter ignoring to pay visit for few times, last month, I finally made a stop to this one of the most popular and biggest Shinto shrines in Tokyo. Accomplished in 1920, Meiji Shrine which is claimed as one of the most visited temple on New Year and also popular for holding the traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. I think the refreshing air of its greenery surrounding was one of few other reasons, that able to attract both local and international tourist.

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Many more unexpected pleasing encounters on the road



15 thoughts on “The Faces of Shibuya

  1. Great article, loved the pictures! I’m living in Tochigi Prefecture, so not too far from Tokyo and visit often. Shibuya is very hectic, but I love checking out 109 and seeing what the latest fads are! Everyone is so fashionable, it’s crazy!
    Great blog 😀

    1. Hi, thank you fro stopping by and sharing your thought here. I appreciated it. 🙂
      Yes indeed, it also seemed to me that everyone was so fashionable.
      Hi, how can’t I find your blog?

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