The Empty Streets of Granada

Agree or disagree, one of various things that could affect the beautiful visual of a city is its street; its cleanness, decoration, and also influenced by the rows of buildings on both sides of the street.

IMG_0591It was Sunday morning when I reached the center city of Granada after having two and half hours bus ride from Lobras, about 90 km southeastward.

IMG_0463On the weekend, business spaces far from the main attractions were mostly closed, which caused so many empty streets around the business areas. Those empty streets that I liked; whether it was simply beautiful according to my eyes and sense or just because the time and my mood that time were matched perfectly.Β Here some those empty streets that I adored, even though I got tripped few times by its bumpier cobbles.

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IMG_0565I liked the cobblestone streets dominated, everywhere in the city, especially the area close to the main attractions. It somehow gave similar medieval era sense like the one that I stepped on in Girona, on my earlier visit to Spain.


Few striking doors along the road were attached.



For me nothing not to love about the traces of the glorious Moorish architectures which were decorated the Granada city. ❀

IMG_0612PatternsFeel free to enjoy it as I did. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “The Empty Streets of Granada

  1. aku suka banget lho bangunan tinggi terus sepi haha.. takut diculik juga sih, kalau ga ada orang #yahkali-ada-yang-mau-culik hahaha.. Waktu aku ke munich dulu, ngider2 pas hari minggu tuh enak banget deh, sepiii.. kayak kota mati hehe..

    1. Iyah perlu ada sedikit ketakutan, Inly, biar siap2. πŸ˜€ ;D
      Iyah kalo lagi pengen menikmati jalan, sepi terasa lebih gimna gitu yah, menyenangkan. πŸ™‚
      Sudah pernah di post gak ttg Munich ini?

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