Petra Restaurant in Seoul

It was one nice sunny day in Seoul, when Irina and I decided to have nice meals at one nice place together. Since I came for the third time to her house for almost a month, we had never spent a time to enjoy our meals without hurry. We both had been quite busy living life. Irina was with her semester preparation, which for me was really packed and stressful. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ meanwhile, if not busy wandering around Seoul, I was busy watching our pets or doing nothing. πŸ˜€

IMG_2835What was good about my friend, she always wanted to show me the best part or corner of Seoul that she liked. Even at her busy times. So that time her choice was Petra Restaurant in Itaewon. This idea also came out concerning about our not-so-good previous experience about the similar food. Besides that, a break from my favorite Korean foods. πŸ™‚

IMG_2837Located at one beautiful hilly area in Itaewon, Petra restaurant is a specialist of Middle-eastern dishes. We could feel the thick atmosphere of the Middle-eastern, manifested in its decoration and played music. I especially like the half open space supported by big fully opened windows to the greenery sight besides the restaurant. It was pretty relaxing. Moreover, the way to this place was beautiful.

IMG_2838IMG_2839Irina and I tried three different meals there. I forget one dish, but the other two were biryani and salad. When the staff served our orders, we were surprised for how big the portion of each meal was.

IMG_2841IMG_2840The biryani and salad were undoubted delicious, we both like it, but for another one, the bread based dish, we both agreed that we would not order it anymore. It was a little bit greasy for us, and also chewy.

IMG_2844However, the whole experienced was delightful. The price was reasonable; we order food varied from β‚©10,000 – β‚©17,000. It was not my usual one time meal’s budget, but for the taste, the atmosphere, and the portion, I was satisfied.

IMG_2846Ah, one more thing, Petra restaurant is halal certified. ❀

Do you have any experience about places that you were satisfied having it and would love to share it?


It’s not a sponsored post, but a sharing from a satisfied customer. ❀



16 thoughts on “Petra Restaurant in Seoul

    1. Enak tapi Inly, ngeri kenapa? Nah coriander ini aku harus google dulu. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      Iyah, enak beneran dan gak greasy. Gak kaya yang pernah aku makan sebelumnya.

    1. Kaya nasi kuning. Nah kalo serupa nasi kuning, Indonesia bisa klaim. Nasinya kuning tapi ku rasa ada bumbu lain yang berbeda. Malaysia gitu? Aku taunya malah India. eaaaa. tanya mbah segera.

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