Love Around the World

We, Indonesian celebrated our 72nd Independence Day on August 17th, 2017. On that day, which was just couple days ago, all my social media’s feed was filled with abundance pictures of festive Independence Day celebration from various places in entire archipelago, when I saw this one horrible news slipped in among of it from my Barcelona friend. He shared an attack that happened on the same day in Barcelona, for precisely La Rambla or Las Lambras. Now I am hardly collecting the world to describe my feeling about the attack, the news, the victims, and the world. (The last sentence in this paragraph had been written, and then deleted, and re-written again few times, to find the proper words, before I chose that, but still it hardly describes the situation).

P1100829Speaking about Barcelona, one day before the attack, I just posted pictures from my latest trip to Barcelona. The pictures presented the beauty of Barcelona. I didn’t put words there, so I haven’t told about how I fell in love with Barcelona from the very first time I hopped off of the airport bus to my hostel, despite of the upsetting moment I had at the airport, when I lost my baggage.

P1100846The city was so lovely to me, I loved the ambiance, the restaurants and bar, the pedestrian, the buildings, the food, and the people who seemed to know how to enjoy the life. I even compared my liking about Barcelona to Girona that I also visited. I say Girona was awesome, but I could have spent my whole life in Barcelona. It added one more dream city to my list.

P1100959Let’s cut the long random, without precise direction writing of mine. I do love LOVE. I love talking about  love. Right before Barcelona’s post, I already had draft about this post about ‘Love All Over the World’. It’s simply telling about the statue with huge 4 letters of L.O.V.E that I encountered during my trips. I also know from the others’ posts that that kind of LOVE spreads all over the world. So, it makes me wonder where exactly it started.

My frist L.O.V.E was from Shinjuku, Tokyo
My second L.O.V.E was from Yongsan, Seoul. ❤

I wish we all could spread the real love all over the globe, not only the words and statues.

I saw this third L.O.V.E on a night way home somewhere in Seoul.

However if you know where it started you can tell me here and I am also curious to know if you have ever seen this LOVE statue, and where?

Last but not least, my deepest condolence for all family of the victim may all the lost souls rest in peace.

Taken this somewhere at La Rambla, Barcelona. A hope. A dream. A pray.

LOVE for the world. LOVE for a better world. ❤


9 thoughts on “Love Around the World

    1. TJ?! ahahahha, aku ada kenalan di Korea dengan nama sama, asa aneh ttp mnggil TJ, jadi manggil nama sungguhan. 😀 😀

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