Gamcheon Culture Village

It was one sunny day in Busan when I decided to go out after completing my daily tasks in one hostel as part of my HelpX program. I strolled to Busan subway and then took Gamcheon bound. There were several places that I wanted to see on my way there. Gamcheon Culture Vilage was my first stop as it was farthest on my plan.

For Busan visitors, Gamcheon Culture Village might have always been on top of the list. The popularity need no to be doubted.

This once said as slum area has turned into something that every visitor proudly enjoys every time we think about Busan.

To reach the popular Gamcheon Culture Village site, one has to take either special mini bus or walk from the nearest subway’s station, for my case back then, it was Toseong station. I first chose to walk from my final subway’s station. However, after spending like few minutes staring at the offline digital map in my hands, and thinking about the scorching sun that day, I canceled the thought of walking and then decided to take the bus.

However, as I didn’t prepared myself for taking the bus, I had no idea which bus I had to take (I always offline though). Wasting another 20 minutes, going forth and back to Toseong station for its free wi-fi, I finally got the direction. I had to take a bus to the front gate of the village for the hilly and narrower road could only be passed by those special mini buses with big safari Korean and Roman letters of the village itself pasted all over the vessel of the buses.

The bus would drop off passengers right in front of the gate of the village, but I wasn’t that passenger.  I stopped right before the last steepest slope to the front gate because I needed a little work out remembering how I barely moved my body during my times in Seoul and Busan compared to my daily activities in Lobras, Spain. I was afraid my muscles hardly remember how to work hard. Weird me. Yes. 😀

That time, I forgot the fact that Gamcheon Culture Village sited at the hilly area, so my choice of that little walk not for warming up reason, which later, I slightly regretted.  😐 Weirdness to the maximum. Yes, you, Yuna.

Finally, after wasting about one hour for being un-informed and confused by myself, there I was, ready to get myself informed more about the whole fondness of visitors to Gemcheon Culture Village.

IMG_1955IMG_1959Taking the normal route from the front gate, I was welcomed by plenty choices of food and accessories that could accompany me to enjoy my walk like the other visitors who mostly the similar sparkling accessories with tempting delicacies on their hands. I skipped that part.

IMG_2022Few blocks from the gate, standing one tiny visitors center which was busy serving the visitors who wanted to have the map of the village with the list of worth seeing spots around, completed with the column where we could get our map stamped as “been at one of the most hottest spots around the village”, which later, came to my surprised, the line of those hottest spots were unbearable for myself.

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IMG_2085As I walked farther, more lovely things were offered. It was like walking through the other neighborhoods in South Korea with more cuteness and artsy touch. I’d never prepared myself to see more hand-made or artsy souvenir for this visit, or various mini restaurants and café, still with pastel dominated or bright colors or cute designs.

IMG_2038I felt amused enough by walking through the colorful steep and narrow passage. Enjoying the drawing, where as far as I laid my eyes, all I could see was the lovely scenery of the village, the mixture of bright color walled with mostly cute drawing.


At few points, we were directed to one spot where we could enjoy the best mixture of the beautiful colors walled buildings against the relaxing greenery and ocean backdrop. The sight that I am sure everyone will love it.


IMG_2076That was also the scenery which made me felt I had seen it all, and then I drove my step to the other part of Busan.

My special thought:

One thing that us, visitors have to remember in mind that the residents of Gamcheon Culture Village still live their lives as normal as the other non-touristy neighborhoods in Busan, so we better keep ourselves low in doing any kind activities there, either when talking, or walking, or even admiring the places or drawings or art that enough to make us screaming happily or in amazement.

img_2039.jpgI can’t say I was good enough as a visitor when I was wondering and admiring or even when I lost my direction which brought me to the dead end to someone’s (might be restricted) opened kitchen, but I’d tried my best to behave well, to remember and respect their personal spaces.

I do hope I did because I don’t want this beautiful Gamcheon Culture Village is closed down for visitors by repainting their walls normal and dull as what I have heard about Ihwa Mural Village in Seoul.  I might have been that one of million visitors who made the residents there felt inconvenient for the very convenient visitors who might carelessly thought and behave like no one lived there.

Please don’t.



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