Lake Sidihoni, A Lake within Lake Toba

The scorching sun of Samosir Island that day could not hinder me from driving the rent motorcycle all the way up to the approximately altitude 1,300 meter of Lake Sidihoni. Located 40 km westward of the visitors’ most favorite Tomok, the people at my homestay said that I could reach Lake Sidihoni in about 1 hour. However, the road wasn’t easy for my riding skill, especially at the latest slopes when I was getting closer to the Lake Sidihoni. The narrow and steep gravel road, sometimes with holes was so challenging. The bumpy road hurt the part of my body here and there.

P1060753Despite of being so grumpy almost the whole drive (I have to be honest on this one also), I kept on driving, which was driven more by my eagerness to know the uniqueness of what locals said as “Danau di atas danau” (Lake above lake), referring to it is a part of the massive Caldera Complex of Toba Lake.

Adding to that, I had already driven almost 80% of my final destination. I didn’t find any stronger reason to stop and drive back home. So I continued, although the sky was getting darker and so the stratocumulus was gathering more and more over me. I barely remember how long it took for me to drive from the start because I felt like I had been riding for hours before I finally arrived at my one last stop behind Lake Sidihoni.

P1060757It was not just a stop though. I was allured by the impressive scenery right at the west side of the road. The stop was also for resting my hurt body.

P1060723Before writing this post, I read from various sources stated different number about the wide of Lake Sidihoni, which were varied from 3 to 20 hectare. However based on what I observed on the site, the possible wide of the site of Lake Sidihoni and its surrounding might be around 5 hectare.

P1060738My point is, let’s forget number because right when I arrived at the side of Lake Sidihoni, I was impressed by the impressive scenery there. I clearly remember how the site was far from the crowd, only few houses sited on the side of the lake. The mixture of greenery of its surrounding with green hilly contour met the wide lake gave the tranquil and relaxing feeling. It quickly washed away all my tiredness and weariness that I felt throughout the way.

P1060740IMG_6076I could imagine spending many time there, taking a spot to read hundreds books and write numerous stories uninterrupted. There, anywhere on the dry side around that Lake above Lake; Lake Sidihoni.



16 thoughts on “Lake Sidihoni, A Lake within Lake Toba

    1. Ahahaha, santai Geth santai…masihh banyak koq daftar postingan gw. *tambah miris gak di sana*
      Pakai free wifi Plangi loh. 🙂

    2. Haha kamu masih nongkrong di plangi toh.. 😀
      saya ada 2 daftar postingan.. tapi ga bisa selese 2… hahaha mungkin saya lelah.. ngeblog.. :p

    3. Iyah, setelah 3 hari absent dari Plangi biar abang2 yang bebersih gak lelah liat gw setiap hari tanpa pesan apapun kecuali kopi. 😀 😀
      Lelah bisa, berhenti jangan. 🙂

    1. Pertanda apakah itu? Apa booking ticket?Good.
      Aku baru sekali itu, pas tahun lalu. Makanya kaya trip anniversary post. 🙂
      More are coming. 🙂

    1. Yes, using the motorbike, 😀 😀
      Thank you Cheryl. The views were already awesome. 🙂 ❤
      Yes, I did change it. I hope it looks cozier to read now 🙂

  1. baca ini kok jd nyesel ampun2x gak sempet mampir padahal ngelewatin. waktunya gak memungkinkan banget waktu itu. but I still dream to come here someday. with my family. last time I visited this place it was when I was still kid. ages ago !!! hahahaha …

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  3. Visited Lake Toba back in 1998 when I travelled through Indonesia for 4 months and spent one month in Sumatra. The lake looks much sparser of trees than I remember. 😦

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