Love on the Road: That One Guy

The Love on the Road Series (this one will be long, please don’t get tired)



Started to get entangled.

That one night was not this One Guy and I first encounter at the same weekly meeting. It might be our second or third. However, we had never talked one to another, neither urged to start any conversation. I greeted the other attendees who I already met for at least two times, but him.

Without a proper reason, since I first saw him, I had always felt uncomfortable with his presence around me. I made some distance. My prejudice took the wheel. My fault, but I didn’t feel bad.

Also that one night, each time I took a break from the conversation which was going around on my table, I still remember how I turned my head away from this One Guy, every time our eyes accidentally met, and then I laid my eyes somewhere else to check, whether people who I knew had arrived. In contrary with what my heart desired, among of numerous meeting attendees, why it had to be that One Guy’s eyes that I saw.

Despite that situation, I think it was also that night when our world started to get entangled. Right after I felt really annoyed by the way he looked right into my eyes. 😐

Like many cliches when your story got twisted at the very least expected moment. I had such a cliche at an additional meet up.

Does it sound the same old story? It does to me.

I didn’t expect the presence of this One Guy there, I expected to meet one Another Guy from the same big room instead. Ignoring the fact that I had never met that one Another Guy before, neither seen his picture. However, he sounded so kind and nice and soft when asking about the additional meet up to me, of all people who were being chatty the whole time in the big room. I fell for that.

With all the blissful hope of meeting another interesting personal in the foreign land, I came. And yes, my feeling was just right. That one Another Guy was definitely kind and nice and soft. How he behaved was pleasing. The way he talked was comforting. His eyes were sparkling, showing the lively life, enthusiasm, and respect. He’s all nice and kind. Kind enough to be friend with, to share so many things. Instinct’s talking.

The whole conversation with the Another Guy was enjoyable, until this One Guy arrived. I was down. I got irritated.

Irritated at first minutes, before he came, sat in my vicinity, and then talked to me. Talked to him back was my only choice.

The talking slowly washed away all the bad feelings I had toward him before.

This One Guy showed me his bright personality, his openness, his honesty, his delicate chatty-self. None to hide. The personality that I didn’t dislike, which also led to another leap. That was SO me. I ensured myself to be under control. By following my sad love stories, you might have guessed how this weak heart of mind worked.

I always liked the guy who opened and had insightful kind of talk. This One Guy wasn’t different.

I held it inside. Having such conversation couldn’t go anywhere, but on the meeting; the wall that I tried to build between us. It was actually to keep me safe.

IMG_2520I resisted the feeling.

It bounced back.


Feeling tired, I finally decided to only go for a date or two or several times.

Just in my mind.

I succeed in controlling my kinetic system; for not texting neither calling him first, but mind was going wild.

I endured. It seemed to last forever. I survived and was surprised.

Entangled more.

And then it all had gotten entangled more, with only one cheesy simple good morning and later added by good night from him.

He started it first.

It could have been stopped from the very first, but it was kind of addictive. It continued. I asked him out. I thought it could be one pleasing dating game. I set the final date. I had to be in control. He agreed. He played it right.


I invited him closer to my space. We played it more intense than what I planned. I got completely entangled because one more thing was coming stronger; feeling, but I enjoyed it.

He was completely in to the game. He seemed to enjoy the game, the way I did. That what was I thought. The next thing, I found out that he had different way of enjoying it. This One Guy invited more people into the game. If only he invited Someone that I completely didn’t know, I would have been a very understanding person considering it was all time set. Though. However he played it hard. He invited Someone from my limited group. My pride hurt. I couldn’t bear that. I wish this One Guy completely had no idea about how close that Someone and I was.


Got twisted.

For a (made up) relationship, it got twisted, in which more than two people involved, more over four; This One Guy, Me, My Friend, and My Feelings.


The relationship got twisted more and more (it might be from my point of view only). I hated the fact. I hated that I played the game at the first place.

I might be the one who broke the rules first. First, I simply broke it by later taking it a bit further than our deal. Second, for expecting him filling in the space, which was left empty by my previous Seoul’s sad dating stories. I shouldn’t have done that.

IMG_2658Feeling was not a game anyway.

For all the nice and sweet things he had done to me, I still needed to cut either him or the twisted threads.

I cut both!

And I keep My Friend, that Someone.

The funny thing was, my Someone completely had no idea about what did happen. Only three of us, one of which was another outsider, and now you.

Shall I tell her this funny yet slightly strange story?


6 thoughts on “Love on the Road: That One Guy

    1. I think so, Inly. tapi itu terlambat gitu, udah mau pulang baru ngeh. Da*n (yang katanya gak ngumpat tapi malah banyak) 😥
      iya awkward di gw aja, jadi kami punya room chat, dan selalu merasa aneh. Di gw, ah sudah lewat sih. cuma kalo temen gw yng chat gw keingat. Asa kesel. 😀 😀 *aneh yah*

    2. been there, keselnya kalau aku dulu ditarik ulur, eh tiba2 ada org ketiga.. jadi di php-in banget, dan susah lupain, tapi yah udah, life must goes on kan.. totally putus hubungan sama sekali.. even now when he text me, i am fine..

    3. Wah ini ni, tipe main layangan yah lsi cowoq. Tapi ada orang ketiga memperparah kondisi. Erghhh!!! 😐
      Karena kamu bisa move on, Inly, the better one has come. 🙂 good for you.
      Great, u are totally over him, for me, I get irritated and smirk when I receive his text. Like, are u serious? He later texted his thought about how nice I was to him. *eeeh lanjut curcol*. I ignored.
      days later I asked whether he was okay or not because his text out of nowhere told me he might have been in some troubles.

    4. Might be forget about him, after you find a new one.. Memang rada susah Yun, apalagi kalau udah kadung cinta mati, selama belum punya yang baru, bisa kayak kerbau di cocok hidungnya ma cowo2 macam gini ( ini maksudnya aku sendiri yaaa hehehe )

  1. jangan … jangan cerita … there are things that needs to stay as secret. duh, pas baca ngarepnya tuh bener2x pengen happy ending deh … ya sudah lah … perhaps it’s not the time yet ya …

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