One Last Night in Yamashinden

Have I written here that I continued doing HelpX even in Japan? Have I told you it was at one tiny hilly village named Yamashinden, which I first acknowledged the area from the profile of my future host? Have I written here that one of numerous things I loved about Nagano was the food?

Okay, it doesn’t matter because I assure that I have written here that food was one of various things to get me. Many times though. πŸ˜€ ❀

As far as I remember, I share nothing about my 12 days staying in Yamashinden, Watauchi Wakaho in Nagano Prefecture yet now I am writing about my one last night there. πŸ˜€

No sequence.

I extended one day in Nagano for last farewell party which was held by my host. I first planned to leave the mountain on June 22nd, 2017 and went to that one guy in Tokyo. However, their affection was keeping me for one more night there. I was also honored by their act of kindness.

We always had a simple Japanese food for dinner, which most of time was decided and made by Nao, the lady of the house. However that one last night, which they called Farewell Dinner and I liked naming it One Last Fiesta, the main menu was decided by the entire family members; BBQ. It was thought as special dish for BBQ needed special preparation like no other casual dishes that we usually had at dinner time.

Going to the market was needed to acquire the ingredients, except vegetables that we could pick as much as we craved from the wonderful tiny garden at the higher ground level, located few meters away from the main house. I was the volunteer grilled master, who later chose our home little cute yet determined K-chan as an assistant. I knew at first Rolly (yes Rolly) doubted my grilling skill. It took time to convince him that all of cooked methods, grilling was my (self-proclaimed) expertise. πŸ˜€

Supper was also decided to be enjoyed outdoor for more pleasant ambiance. Besides that, the weather was just right that afternoon. Why wasting it?

That one last night, we shared not only dinner, but also our thoughts, just like family dinner. Rolly encouraged sharing opinions, not only about the entire works that I had done for approximately two weeks there, but also about each of the family member. Whatever I thought while staying with them. In return, they did the same for me. Even the cutest family member had something to share about me, with that little shouted filled shyness of K-chan talking style.

It was one of the most memorable dinner moments in Nagano, for the foods, for the conversation, for the atmosphere, and for the wine. Speaking of wine, Rolly finally surrendered about drinking wine modestly. He said he had no plan to finish it in one dinner, neither expected it. However, it happened anyway, and later he just gave up and enjoyed it, as we all finally agreed at one last dinner together that time. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

We were all seizing the moment, yet still hopefully talking about the possibility of me coming back and doing it again in the future, at another chance, with different occasions, not as host-helper, but as family.

After all the talking and eating, we bid our farewell. It was a nice closing. I slept even much better that one last night. It might be caused by the satisfying dinner or overloaded wine or the comforting words and testimonial that I received or just the mixed of everything. For whatever it was, I knew that I was welcomed there. One more thing, at the end of dinner, I could proudly receive how they praised me for being the best grilled master there that far. *kibas pony*

I wish I could visit them again for any reasons or occasions. They were such a unique and loveable family.

Let’s see and let’s time and chance decide it.

Ja matta ne!


Now, I remember it has been months since I promised them sending letter once I arrived back home.

11 thoughts on “One Last Night in Yamashinden

    1. I think you can do BBQ at Han or campsites. There are fixed tents during the peak summer camping season. Although, most campers prefer to eat ramyon or order chicken and beer. lol

  1. Seru banget yah barbequean gitu, rame2.. jadi banyak yang bisa dipanggang, hehe.. Kalau kayak aku cuma berdua aja, gak bisa banyak pilihan.. huhuhu.. Glad you enjoy it to the max.. πŸ™‚

    1. Bisa tetapbanyak Inly, asal makannya banyak juga. Aku kalo BBQ suka lebih kalap dari porsi normal yg udh kalap. Gak pake karbo kan yah, nasi atau kentang atau sejenisnya. Kalo iyah, secuil ajah di ujung. πŸ˜€

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