When the Sun Shined over Jakarta

It was a bright scorching Monday morning in Jakarta, when I decided to stroll around the city. I felt like getting my lungs a little bit dust of Jakarta’s polluted air because I had stayed there for about a month and gotten myself in hiding mode ever since, without any exposure to the capital of Indonesia. Like few acquaintances from the other sides of Jakarta, travelling around the city was a slightly inconvenience for me; traffic jam and weather and stuffs. So, why was suddenly I took steps for leaving my room? First, I needed to get new air than my tiny little rent room in the middle of one of the busiest business areas in Jakarta. Second, I I didn’t do many things, actually, I had nothing to do.

Therefore, a shiny day was a perfect one.

When it came to Jakarta, right before leaving Borneo Island to challenge my luck in the capital, I already read various interesting things to do and foods to eat in all over the city. Not forget to mention the thousands screen-captured articles from numerous sources. However, I couldn’t catch up with all of my saved references. On the day I went out, I just went to the main popular spots. Looking back to the early 2017, I recall that I have been to the same spots for three times. I didn’t change.

Back to that one shiny day, I drove my pace to “Kota Tua” (Old Town). I was eager to taste one of the most popular old ice coffee from the shop that has been run for generations in an old lane. That ice coffee was the only thing I remembered from those numerous saved references, although it wasn’t the first thing I stopped by, when I arrived in Kota Tua. I saved it from the hottest time of the day.

IMG_4823The main area of Kota Tua area was first. It was nothing new there. All the crowd, all  the visitors, the rows of rental bicycle, the business from ancient café, cosplayers, artists, and also students who loves running to bule (foreigner) and asking for one or couple times group pictures, reminded me of my elementary days (oh my, many many years ago).

IMG_4822And just like the old time, I stayed the same, watching people and taking the picture.

As the day was getting hotter, I gave up and promised my thirsty throat that popular ice coffee that I saved before.

I walked through few main roads, skipping couples attraction, setting my mind to the promised ice coffee. I felt like nothing could stop me from ice coffee, a perfect match for the scorching sun of Jakarta. Moreover, it had plenty of thumbs up. Not to miss.


I thought nothing could stop me from having coffee, until I was only few steps away. Right before I took two last turns, still on the pedestrian zone of the main street, I passed artists, especially who were gifted with the drawing skill. They filled the front spaces of un-opened old stores. I was captivated by all of their drawings. It all was so awesome.

IMG_4834I might have been to that area few times, but that day was my first time being around that specific area. So that was my first encounter, which made me happier.

IMG_4837Have I told you that one of many skills that I wished I had, was drawing. I did admire all of it, even though I couldn’t buy any of it (I wish someday I can bring at least one).

With that hope in my heart, I focused back to my first purpose of walking that far; ice coffee.

Walking through much smaller lanes, in minutes later, I finally arrived at my so dream of ice coffee shop, just to find that one of the shop’s staffs was busy arranging back the mini stalls for closing. The ice coffee for that day was sold out. At 1.30 p.m. On a hot day, at the most suitable moment, to beat the temperature with ICE coffee. What an effort.

I asked him, almost in tone of begging, whether they still had at least one glass for me to have, like the remain. Even a drop of that infamous ice coffee would be enough. But, they didn’t buy my begging. The legendary ice coffee was completely SOLD OUT. He answered me, even without seeing my face.

I had saved hours, I had walked for kilometers. I was down. Suddenly I felt dried out of energy. However, having no power over the shop, neither the staffs, only one choice left with me; finding another thing to fill in to my body.

IMG_4846Another few minutes of walking, I stopped at this one Chinese food specialist restaurant that only had one table left for dining in.

All the printed menu along with the pictures looked so good and I chose to have nasi campur.

When my meal was served, I got happier by the generous portion it came. When I took bites, I was satisfied more with its taste. See, how easy I was. I felt much better after emptying the entire plate, which price was reasonable.

IMG_4852I had my stomach full, and then I headed back to my little tiny space. I skipped the other places like “Monumen Nasional” and “Museum Nasional” on my way back. Not because I had been few times before, but I didn’t want to get trapped in the he**y traffic jam of after office’s hour of Jakarta.

Taking the reverse transJakarta as I came, that was how I ended a day as tourist at one shiny day in Jakarta.

Do you feel it was too casual? Have much more interesting suggestion for my next roaming around Jakarta?



10 thoughts on “When the Sun Shined over Jakarta

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry you couldn’t have any iced coffee! But at least you saw all those painters and had some lovely chinese food 🙂 Hope you had fun!

  2. Hi Yuna! For some reason, the place is calling me. There are so many things to be photographed. So may interesting scenes and sites to see.

    Somehow, the place looks like certain areas in Manila. Although I have to admit, safety is major issue here. 🙂

  3. Thank you for give me the pleasure to walk with you in the streets of Jakarta through your post. Sorry you couldn’t have your ice coffee but the paintings look just incredible and the Chinese food looks delicious! I wish you more shiny days

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